How beautiful! ❤️

There is so much that I love about this scripture, but something that especially touches my heart is how God mentioned holding our hand. What a tender moment.

The right hand for most (for my oldest daughter, her left) is the strongest of the two, the one we trust most, the one we use to do most things by ourselves. I think He is trying to teach us with this symbolism that our strength IS NOT ENOUGH. In those moments when we can’t do what we thought we could, we become afraid. During those times, more than ever, He wants us to know that WE ARE NOT ALONE. He is our loving Father and all-powerful God that will ALWAYS help us.

When I trust such precious promise, my fear dissolves, and my confidence in the fact that I am a daughter of the most wonderful Father gives me much more strength than my right hand ever will.

I am so grateful for all of you that have been God's hands for me and for all of us that are willing to hold His at all times during this journey we call life!

8 MONTHS #dyefree

Letting my #grayhair grow is being a journey for sure. Until this point, I had no energy to even worry about my roots, but as I am feeling better and healing, I notice more my #silverhair

Also, as the gray grows, my dark hair gets shorter, so I am starting to see this new version of myself at this point.

I asked my son the other morning if he thought I should color it. He said, “no, you are part of the #silversisters now!” - This made me literally laugh at loud!

…thank you life! 🤍 ...


My eyes saw grief, but my faith saw comfort.
My eyes saw darkness, but my faith saw the Light.
My eyes saw fear, but my faith saw courage.
My eyes saw despair, but my faith saw hope.
My eyes saw weakness, but my faith saw strength.
My eyes saw imperfections, but my faith saw forgiveness.
My eyes saw emptiness, but my faith saw fullness.
My eyes saw regrets, but my faith saw compassion.
My eyes saw me broken, but our Savior saw me whole.
My eyes saw the human, but our Father in Heaven saw His daughter.
When my eyes saw nothing, my faith saw it all.


Have faith my friend.
No matter what, don’t give up, because you are loved.
We are loved.

…nurturing and growing a little more 🌱 ...

This selfie is brought to you by the letter D and the number 7!

7 months #dyefree !!!!

Now, if you excuse me I’m going to get me a Diet Coke Waikiki to celebrate my #grayhairpower …LOVE YOU ALL!


PS: #silversisters thank you for the inspiration!

BIG hugs and much love to YOU, the one who STRIVES VALIANTLY and is actually in the arena!

YOU are loved!!! ❤️

From my heart to yours… THANK YOU!

❤️ Thank you for sharing your loss and the memory of your loved ones with me.

❤️ Thank you for your words of kindness, your faith, your strength, your light.

❤️Thank you for choosing hope and giving me hope.

❤️ Thank you for your tender prayers.

❤️ Thank you for being a friend to me.

❤️Thank you for making this a safe place and for helping me build a community where we can trust, support and strengthen each other.

❤️Thank you for choosing to be a light even during your moments of darkness.

I love you all so much!


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