I like big GLASSES and I cannot lie! ...

...☀️ Sunshine for sure, we are in the high 80s here today and I’m loving it! ...

I have them all... I guess I have a pretty good darn life! ;) ...

Is this not beautiful? 🤍

It’s beautiful to me to think and know that God is a loving perfect Being that believes so much in each of us. He is our biggest defender, advocate, He is our Father and wants us all to never give up on ourselves or others because He will never give up on us!

Easter is a perfect reminder of his love for you, for me, for all of us. Because our Savior has risen, we can rise again, not just from death but for the downfalls of life.

So let’s allow His perfect never-ending love to fill our hearts with love for ourselves and those around us and let’s remember that #becauseofhim we can keep on trying no matter what!



Things I’m learning about GRAY HAIR:

1. It’s rebellious!
Seriously, it has a mind of its own!

2. You don't need to wash it as much to keep it looking clean and fresh!

3. Compliments: I have never got so many compliments about my hair before. I’m surprised how many people love silver!

4. FREEDOM: It’s weird, but for me, it has been liberating to show my true colors! I notice I'm focusing much more on the inside than the outside!

5. KEEP IT UP: Literally. The transition is less noticeable when I have my hair up. It blends much better this way. When it’s down, I can see much more clearly the growth line.

6. MAKEUP: In all honesty, I think the gray makes my eyes look more tired than my dark hair. I pay more attention to doing my eye makeup now. However, I prefer doing my eyes than dying my hair every three weeks! So I have a lash appointment in two weeks. I can’t wait to have my lashes back!

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