Handmade Gifts are my favorites and today I’m sharing some Teacher Appreciation Gifts that we have made, and some other ones that we love and wanted to share. These handmade gifts are super easy to make and they are seriously adorable. We believe any teacher would like them as much as we love them… Take a look, my friends!

 Ready to see them all?

Here they are!

Apple Mason Jar by The 36th Avenue

I made this for my little girl’s teacher… She loved it!

Tutorial HERE

Handmade Gifts for Teachers at the36thavenue.com

Back to School Emergency Kit by The 36th Avenue

For one of those emergency days!

Tutorial HERE

The All About You Basket at The Dating Divas

What a cute way to make a teacher feel special!

Tutorial and Free Printables HERE

Mini Garden at The 36th Avenue

Succulents are perfect for a classroom since they are very low maintenance!

Tutorial HERE

Dirty Coke Kit at 30 Days Blog

The only thing better than a Diet Coke is a dirty one!

Tutorial and Free Printables HERE

Dirty Diet Coke Printable Kit www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Butterfingers Dip in a Jar at The 36th Avenue

We made this dip last year for my kiddo’s teachers and they said “more” please!

Recipe and Tutorial HERE

The yummiest Butterfinger Dip Recipe at the36thavenue.com This is SO good and such a cute gift idea!

Put the apple on top of the jar, wrap it, and you are ready to go!

Number 2 Pencil Gift Box at Lines Across

Oh, my cuteness! What an adorable way to present a gift!

Free Printable HERE

Chalkboard Jars at The 36th Avenue

Fill them up with pens, candy, or anything your kiddo’s teacher loves!

Tutorial HERE

 So there you have them!

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