After years of working in interior design, Desirée Campbell fueled her passion into creating, her corner dedicated to anything inspirational and beautiful. 

Her curious and imaginative personality has given her many opportunities to do what she loves while sharing and reinventing the world around her with millions of readers.

Her life experiences and the strength of overcoming life-changing struggles have given her a prominent place as a public speaker. She is passionate about promoting and nurturing self-love, inspiring large audiences around the United States to become the best version of themselves regardless of their unique circumstances.

She is currently working on writing her book Become, where she shares her journey through grief after experiencing unimaginable loss.

i am

a child of God.

a mama of four.

a friend.

a believer.

… i love

my Father in Heaven.

my family.

the Ocean.


to cook and share a meal.

to dance.

to read.

to write.

to imagine.

to laugh.

… i adore

Mr. Frank Sinatra.

my family and friends.

old cities.


singing in the shower and dancing in the car.

the smell of rain.

a cup of hot chamomile with milk.


…i can never have enough






… i can’t help but I don’t mind

being 5 feet tall.

having a Spaniard accent when I speak English.

believing that everyone has the right to experience true love and true joy.

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