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Today I’m going to be sharing with you a bunch of Bedroom Decor Ideas and reveal our latest bedroom makeover. Our new bedroom’s look was totally inspired by Lanzarote, the little island where I was born. White, blue, and green is one of my favorite color combinations. These three colors remind me so much to where I grew up and to  the streets and towns that I know so well. In Lanzarote by law the outside of all houses need to be painted white, and the doors and windows can be painted in green, blue, or stained wood. When I enter my bedroom now, I feel that I’m right back at home… I love it so much!

You can click HERE to see how the bedroom looked before!

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Furniture pieces are the bones of any room. Most bedrooms are four straight walls so furniture is what really shapes the space. When I’m looking for any style of furniture the word that I keep in mind is TIMELESS. Before you go to the furniture store make sure to check out yard sales, and your local thrift stores, you’ll be surprised with the treasures you may find! Because furniture can be expensive I like to look for pieces that will look great today and five years down the road. The look, style,  and feel of any piece of furniture can easily be changed with color and accessories!

I actually kept all of my old furniture for this makeover, however I painted the pieces white. Changing the color of the furniture from black to white made an instant change in the way the room looks and feels.

Bedroom Decor Ideas - White and blue Bedroom Decor.


For farmhouse, cottage, industrial, or country decor look for a combination of rustic woods, jute, metal, and neutral accents.

Keep it clean and make sure the accessories you choose are packed with character and warmth.

One of my favorite things in our room is the corner ladder. You can see the tutorial HERE.

Bedroom Decor Ideas - White and blue Bedroom Decor.

Always create different focal points and don’t be afraid to make both sides of the bed similar but not identical. I used side tables with baskets as night stands to add more texture to the room!

You can find these cute side tables HERE.

Bedroom Decor Ideas - White and blue Bedroom Decor.

You can always bring color into the space with accessories such as rugs, books, vases, prints, and plants!

Bedroom Decor Ideas - White and blue Bedroom Decor.


Bedroom Decor Ideas - White and blue Bedroom Decor.

Textiles in a bedroom are a great way to add texture and color. For our master bedroom I chose white and blue linens.

I love this quilt that I found HERE. It’s light and the pattern brings so much character into the space.

Bedroom Decor Ideas - White and blue Bedroom Decor.

The white curtains give the room a gorgeous glow when the light comes through… I love the combination of all of it together!

 You can find tons of Blue & White Curtains HERE


Choose colors that you love and that make you feel good inside. As much as I loved the look of our old bedroom I was never too happy with the darks furniture and darker neutral tones. Even though our bedroom now is very similar to how it looked before, the fresh and lighter tones have made a difference in the mood of the entire space!

Bedroom Decor Ideas - White and blue Bedroom Decor.

Use flowers, plants, and throws to create contrast…

…and make your house a HOME!

Bedroom Decor Ideas - White and blue Bedroom Decor.

I love decorating my home and if you are like me I’m always looking for new affordable ways to make our nest comfy and a beautiful place to live. Before you go, make sure to check out all of these other ideas!

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