What to pack for a trip? A trip packing list can become overwhelming, especially if you overthink it! I can’t give you any cleaning advice {Sorry, I’m a mess ?} or talk to you about how to eat less {Umm, I’m a curvy girl for a reason ?} but traveling is my thang! After many vacations, many hours at airports, many days in different countries, and many crazy traveling stories I think I have this down! 



Trip Packing List - What to pack for your next vacation.

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leggingsjoggerssneakersbackpackssoft warm sockssweatshirts – baseball hats


 TRAVELING IS A WORKOUT – Dress for it! 

I have found myself literally running more than once in airports trying to catch my next plane. I have slept on airport floors (gross) , benches (hard) , chairs (why don’t they turn them into darn recliners!), and strangers’ shoulders more than once (oops!)!

True story, once I had a 12 hour lay over at night in London and  I swear that the airport was colder than the North Pole. Even my thoughts became frozen! Then a million hours later I arrived in a 115º Las Vegas and I seriously remember my brain melting!  So, TRUST ME, layer up, put some leggings on, grab a cute pair of colorful sneakers, wear a comfy top, grab your backpack, and put your hair in a bun or wear a hat. You are ready to fly! 



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t-shirtsjeansshortssneakers – leather backpacks – shirts – sun glasses – maxi dresses



After you pick your airport outfit  it’s time to pack for your vacation! Pack items that you can mix and match. One of my favorite things to pack are maxi dresses. They are comfortable and you can wear them casually during the day or for a night out when you pair them with the right accessories. Here are some dresses I own that I love! 



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Now I better go and finish packing… Europe is waiting for me!

Here are some other Summer Vacation and Trip Packing List Ideas that I love!

Beautiful Swimsuits 

It’s the Swimsuits -Tankinis – Bandinis time of the year!  Let’s just say my bikini days have passed but I’m still in love with flattering swimsuits!

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50 Things to do this Summer

Use as many of these ideas as you want, add to the list, make your own list, BUT whatever you do make sure you make this the SUMMER of your life!

Summer Bucket List HERE

Summer Bucket List - 50 Things to do this Summer!


Sea You Later Free Printable

This toasty hot weather is making me think about my island and the ocean that I love so much. Inspired by the many wonderful summers that I spent on the beach as a kid I made this adorable Summer Printable. I hope that you like it!

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Printable - Super cute Summer Free Printable. Pin it now and print it later!


Have a great day friends!