Summer time will be here before we know it! Just thinking about summer vacation, last day of school, long lazy summer days, and an endless amount of fun makes my heart happy! Today I’m sharing 50 Things to Do This Summer! Use as many of these ideas as you want, add to the list, make your own list, BUT whatever you do make sure you make this the SUMMER of your life!

Summer Bucket List - 50 Things to do this Summer! 

My most precious childhood memories come from long lazy summers in the Canary Islands. I was born in Lanzarote, a tiny island in the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. My family and I spent every  summer in our small beach house shack in the south of the island. This place was nothing like the fancy hotels that you would find on my island today. Our  house was small, had no running water or electricity; it had just two bedrooms, one was the kitchen, which as crazy as it sounds had a bed inside! The other room had a bunch of beds and two cribs that once upon a time I slept in and 24 years later my first child did too! Our beach house was old, always packed with more people than it could hold… it was loved… It was perfect!

As a child I would run from one side of the beach to the other knowing that my footprints would be the first ones on the sand. The days back then were long in a good way… I still can remember clearly the summer of 1989, Phil Collins voice filtering through the radio saying “it’s another day for you and me in paradise ” and I thought, yes it is. What made our Summers a paradise was family, late night eating, playing guitars, and dancing and singing around the fire. Our paradise was not made of luxury or money, it was made of laughter, friendship, unselfishness, and unconditional love. The simplicity of our Summers is what actually made them so rare. Nothing was planned, life surprised us, and we always welcomed those moments with open arms.

Inspired by those moments and the hope of many new ones I made this list!

Summer Bucket List - 50 Things to do this Summer!

Summer Bucket List

  1. Eat a Taco in Mexico!
  2. Call an old friend.
  3. Be a tourist in your own town.
  4. Make homemade ice cream.
  5. See a sunrise.
  6. Write a letter {not a text} to someone you appreciate.
  7. Go on a picnic.
  8. Make a bucket list.
  9. Have a game night.
  10. Learn how to say HELLO in 10 different languages. Hola!
  11. Eat seafood by the beach.
  12. Go on a bike ride.
  13. Sing at a karaoke.
  14. Sleep under the stars (My kids and hubby do this all the time… Trampoline = Bed!)
  15. Go on a road trip.
  16. Download a Summer Play List.
  17. Eat at a new restaurant.
  18. Paint a wall.
  19. Throw a Barbecue Party.
  20. Go camping.
  21. Have Cotton Candy.
  22. Challenge one of your fears.
  23. Have a pillow fight.
  24. Visit a new place.
  25. Microwave Ivory Soap.
  26. Start a journal.
  27. Walk on the sand.
  28. Say hi to a stranger.
  29. Pray everyday.
  30. Share your favorite poem with a child.
  31. Take an art class.
  32. Watch a sunset.
  33. Read a new book.
  34. Fall in love.
  35. Put the phone down for a day!
  36. Go through old photos with your family!
  37. Ride a zip line ride.
  38. Go watch the 4th of July fireworks.
  39. Dance in the rain or just… DANCE.
  40. Go bowling.
  41. Try a new recipe.
  42. Make a kite.
  43. Grow something… A plant, a tree, veggies, wild flowers!
  44. Go indoor skydiving.
  45. Pull a movie all nighter.
  46. Learn an instrument.
  47. Have a yard sale and bless the life of someone else with the money you make.
  48. Get a full makeover.
  49. Visit a museum.
  50. Take and PRINT a ton of pictures.


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