Gardening just got easier, faster, and better than ever with these gadgets that I’m sharing today! Trust me any black thumb can turn green with these amazing Gardening Hack Ideas… Check them out! 

Top 10 Gardening Gadgets

Let’s take a closer look!


Large Hand Scoops – Found HERE

I love using these to pick up piles of weeds when I clean up my flowers beds!

It really is like having oversized hands to scoop and pick things up!

Gardening Gadgets 10



Vertical Tomato Planter – Found HERE

Let gravity works its magic! 

vertical planter



Self Watering Planter – Found HERE

With this gadget there is hope I can keep my plants alive!

Gardening Hack



Folding Wagon – Found HERE

I have one of these and I use it all the time!

Perfect to carry plants and handy on soccer and baseball game nights! 

More Colors HERE

Gardening Gadgets 5



All in One Gardening  Folding Stool –  Found HERE

I love the idea of having everything I need in one place!

Gardening Gadgets 3 at



Moisture Sensor – Found HERE

Too much water? Too little water? No more guessing! 

Gardening Gadgets



7 Piece Gardening Apron Set – Found HERE

This is not just an awesome idea but it would also be a great gift!


gardening 6





Gardening Composter – Found HERE

The reviews for this composter are great – Read HERE

gardening hacks 10


Knee Pads – Found HERE

My knees love this product… I also love using them when I clean the bathtubs!

Knee Pads at



Wall Gardening System – Found HERE

Turn any ordinary wall into an extraordinary living garden in minutes! 

Gardening Gadgets at


Here are some other Spring projects, hacks, and gadgets that we love! 

Gardening & Planting Tips – Click HERE

gardening and planting tips at


DIY Backyard Projects – Found HERE

DIY BACKYARD Projects at


DIY Tin Can Projects – Click HERE

Tin Can Projects at


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