It is the time of the year when we start thinking about Christmas Trees,

ornaments, garlands, wreaths, and all of the beautiful warm Christmas Décor.

I’ve been busy creating a lot of my own decorations this year.

Let me show you this DIY Christmas Ornament that I made last week.

Christmas Crafts - Super cute Burned Ornament at #christmas #decor #ornaments

Are they fun or what?

They make me feel so warm inside… I love Christmas!


Basically for this project you are  going to need a wood-burning pen

and some type of wood surface to make the ornaments.

I found this set of coasters at Target that were perfect for this project.

 You will also need some fabric or ribbon and a drill.


First I turned on the wood-burning  pen.

It is going to get HOT, you may want to use gloves to protect your hands.

While the pen was heating up my sweet daughter helped me trace some Christmas shapes

using a bunch of Christmas Cookie Cutters as templates.

Then we carefully traced the top of the image with the wood-burning pen using the dot tip.

You may want to practice on a different piece of wood first to get the feel of it.

After our ornaments were decorated I  drilled a hole on each coaster.

I cut some fabric strips and I threaded them through the holes and made a bow with it.

Such a simple but cute embellishment!

Really, that was all… Easy as easy can be.

At this point I was done!

We love them and they will be a perfect addition to our Christmas Tree this year.

I also think they would be perfect for an ornament exchange or as a gift.

Think about it, you could get creative and monogram them or burn any other print.

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