Today I’m sharing my favorite 25 Christmas Traditions!Some of my most precious childhood memories came from Christmas time. Even though we didn’t have much while growing up I knew we had each other and that was the only thing that really mattered.

25 Christmas Traditions -These are 25 simple and memorable ways to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with your loved ones. MUST READ!

Christmas was a magical time, was a family time, was a time to be grateful for the special joy that comes from loving those around you and creating memories with them. Now that I have my own family I feel so blessed to keep some old traditions alive and we are excited to create some new ones every year together.

 Here they are…


The day you put your Christmas Tree up sleep under it.

We put ours on Thanksgiving Day and we look forward to our sleep over every year.


When you have your Christmas dinner add an extra plate to the table.

We do this every year and it has taught our children that there is always room for someone in need at our Inn.


We live in an area of pretty warm weather.

Instead of a snow ball fight we had a flour fight every year.

It is so much fun!

Turn some Christmas music on, go outside, and get messy!


Every night read a scripture by candle light.

If you need ideas follow along with this list.


Get a few bottles of shaving cream and have each member of the family make 

a Santa beard on their face… This is so much fun!

Don’t forget to take pictures!!!


As a family make the words to your own Christmas Carol

and sing it to the neighbors when you bring them treats.

{ Make it funny… People will love it }


Don’t just write a letter to Santa, this year also write a letter to Jesus as a gift for his birth.

Put the letter inside of a balloon with helium and let it go up to heaven!


On Christmas Eve turn off all the light for a minute before the children go to bed.

Place candles all over the house and start saying in your own words the Christmas Story.

As you travel from room to room light up one candle. 

By the time Baby Jesus is born all the house will be lit up as a symbolism of Him being the

Light of the World.


Make a DIY Wood Nativity and have the youngest child put baby Jesus on it on Christmas Eve.

You can find the tutorial for this Nativity here.

The fact that He is missing during the month of December

makes the family focus more on the reason of the Season.

The children will also look forward  to Chrsitmas Eve with anticipation knowing

that that’s the day when Baby Jesus was born.


Write as a family 25 Christmas activities,  one for each day of December and

put them inside of a jar. Everyday pull one out and do it as a family.

One of our favorites is to take turns to run around our coldesac with our Christmas hats on.

{ we laugh our heads off every year doing this! }


Have a Christmas Movie Night!

You should make this delicious White Chocolate Christmas Popcorn instead of regular popcorn.

So yummy!


 Put all your family names is a jar and have every member pull a name.

Pick a day where everyone does a secret service for the person they picked.


Have a craft night when every member os the family makes a new ornament for the tree.



Have a contest to see who is the fastest to drink a cup of milk and a cookie…

Playing Santa for a day! 


One night have a picnic by the Christmas Tree.

Eat finger foods on the floor with Christmas music playing in the background.


 Have a night when your family can talk about 25 Miracles that Jesus did.



 Every year buy a new Chrsitmas Book.

Read it as a family… You will have a wonderful collection over the years.


Try a new Christmas Recipe!


Type an annonymos note and drop it off in your neighbors mailbox. 


Pick a night to make handmade gifts for each other.

twenty one

Find Rudolph’s nose!

Paint a red ball and hide it.

The person that finds it gets a prize and  gets to hide it for the next day!

twenty two

Have a Pizza Christmas Night.

Create a pizza in the shape of a christmas tree and use the condiments as ornaments. 

twenty three

Turn off all the lights but the Christmas Tree.

Turn on fun Christmas music,pull out pots and pans to make noise,

and dance like crazy! 

twenty four

Make a fire in your back yard and roast marshmallows.

twenty five

  Read the Christmas Story

{ Luke 2 }

Children can dress up using sheets and towels as Mary, Joseph, shepherds, and the wise men. 

I hope these fun traditions inspire you to create some new precious memories with your family

during this gorgeous Christmas Season.

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