Oh yes… Spring Break!

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, the grass is turning green all over again.

The breeze is clean, the air is warmer and after a few days with the kids at home you start hearing…

Mom… I am bored!

20 Super FUN Activities for kids... Pin it now and do them later! the36thavenue.com

Don’t worry girl  I got you!

My Spring Break is over… consider me a pro!

I survived!

Here I have for you 20 activities for your bored ones.

 Make Paper Bead Bracelets

My own Anni taught me how to make these beads.

They are cute, easy and fun. Your kids will love making their own!

Have even the boys make some for grandma or teachers appreciation day.

tutorial by Anni.


 Make an outdoor game board.

The coolest thing about this one is that they will play for hours and days since they can change their own rules.


Check out also the wood dice tutorial!


Shrink Fun!

Take the sharpies out… it is time to design some jewelry.

Watch their faces when they see their creations shrink and harden before their eyes!



Kool-Aid Playdough

We actually made this one during our Spring Break and this is the best play-dough recipe we have ever done.

Soft, clean, colorful and it smells GREAT.

You are going to love it as much as we do!

tutorial by The 36th Avenue.

Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough Recipe. Kids love this stuff! #kids the36thavenue.com

 Colored Pencil Jewelry

Older kids will have fun helping get this project ready and younger ones will love to assemble the necklaces.

You can get the pencils at the Dollar Store.

tutorial by Cut Out + Keep.

Completed Project: Pencil Crayon Jewelry Picture #1

 Make a Reading Tent/Teepee!!

What a great idea!

Every kid I know loves a club… let them have it.

tutorial by Jen from Tatertots & Jello

  DIY Bath Tub Soap Crayons

This is genious!

tutorial via Kimoomu.

 Make Bird Feeders

What a perfect Spring project!

tutorial by eighteen25


 Homemade Glitter Slime

Simply cool!


 Finger Friends Fun

Make these adorable finger puppets with your kiddos.

tutorial via favecrafts.

 Make Your Own Jellyfish

I want to be a kid again!

tutorial via Scrapbooks etc.


Dominoes Rock!

Isn’t this a brilliant idea? Yes it is!

tutorial via marthastewart.com


 Bubble Snake Maker

This one is a must do!

tutorial by Come Together Kids.


 Glow Sticks FUN

This post is a Glow Sticks Treasure BOX.

My kids are going crazy over all of these ideas.

visit Play At Home Mom LLC for more ideas.


 Make giant bubbles!

Another big bubblelicous creation.

tutorial via Projects for Preschoolers.

water bottle bubble blowing

 The Bottle Bank!

While making this craft you can even take this time to teach your children

about the value of money and hard work.

 tutorial via marthastewart.com

 Rainbow Cake in a Jar

Baking time in our home is family time.

Kids will love to create their own little cakes.

Fun to make and fun to eat!

recipe by Brooke Mclay via babble.com


Designer Sneakers

Let them express their own style using fabric markers and their imagination.

Love this one!

via marthastewart.com



Yes you can handle a little noise… trust me.

tutorial via marthastewart.com

Barnyard Blowouts

 Finger Knitting

Teach them!

tutorial by LITTLE BIRD.

Finger knitting tutorialFinger Knitting with Kids

So there you have them… 20 ideas, 20 tutorials, 20 opportunities to create memories.

Have fun!

Happy Saturday!



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