This is the month when my kids start getting bored.

The excitement of Summer is starting to fade and before we know school will be here.

So I put together some fun kid activities and kid crafts to keep this month colorful and fun around here!

Awesome Kid's Activities at

Make Star Crayons… I love the sparkle!

Galaxy crayons

Tutorial by

This next idea by  is awesome!

Dye a bunch of rice and let the kids play with it, create art, instruments…

and have endless hours of fun!

Tutorial over at

Fun Kid Activities.

 This is the perfect craft… It is a toy, a magnet and a clip!


Magnetic Airplane Clip

tutorial over at

I Spy Bottle!

Perfect for younger kids… so cute!

tutorial by

Make funny creatures with paper and clothespins.


tutorial by

This printable sewing card is ADORABLE.

It comes in two other models. You can laminate them and have the kids use them time after time.

Tutorial and Free Printable by


This is what my kids call COOL: A Marshmallow Shooter!

We used to make this when I was young and throw uncooked garbanzo beans.

What were we thinking?

Kid's Activities

tutorial by

Kids love experiments!

Have them make Milk Art using food colorant, milk and soap.

Kids Craft: Milk Art

tutorial by momtastic

Here is an activity that won’t break the bank.

Gather a bunch of Sticks from the backyard and have the kiddos create art with them.

I think they would look adorable inside of a jar for the kid’s room.

Tutorial by

Come on… we have to do this one!

 I am loving the idea of running around the yard throwing Cheetos in the air

and having cream shower caps to catch them!

Synchronized Snack Toss

Tutorial by

I remember spending hours playing with boxes while I was little.

What about making a kitchen with the children?

Cardboard kitchen

Or a gas station?

Cardboard car and gas pump

Tutorials over at

Fun, colorful and afordable activities for Kids


They will love you!

Boredom Busters FB

Check out also 20 Fun Kid Activities!

Happy Tuesday!



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