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BFF Link Party – Mason Jar Gift Idea

My beautiful friends, welcome back to our link party!  Dance season is back for us so this weekend I’ll be visiting your blogs between dance performances, tons of glitter, and a bunch of little dancers wishing to to come home with a pink shiny trofee… Wish me luck!    This week I made these cute Spring Mason Jars. Feel the free to grab the free printable… I love the flowers!    I’m also sharing some of my favorite swimsuits for the season! I have to admit it… My bikini days are OVER! 😉    Now, it’s time to share more of our favorites!  This...

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Mason Jars – Handmade Gift Idea

Beautiful Mason Jars  and Handmade Gift Idea  for any occasion. There is so much you can do with Mason Jars and making handmade gifts is one of my favorite things to do with them! Inspired by Spring and the gorgeous colors and flowers that I’m seeing outside, I made these adorable jars.     MATERIALS Pint Size Mason Jars – Found HERE Spray Paint White Primer – Found HERE Acrylic or Flat Spray Paint – I used Seaside Green HERE, Aqua HERE, Ballet Slipper HERE and White HERE.  Twine – Found HERE Printable HERE  TUTORIAL The first thing you want to do...

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Swimsuits -Tankinis – Bandinis

It’s the Swimsuits -Tankinis – Bandinis time of the year!  Let’s just say my bikini days have passed but I’m still in love with flattering swimsuits! One piece swimsuits are super trendy right now and finally this year I’ve found beautifully designed swimwear with modern lines and awesome prints! Are you ready to see my favorites?  Here they are!  1 Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit This reminds me to my beautiful Spain and the flamenco dresses… I also love the zipper!  Find It HERE   2 Prairie Rose One-Piece Oh my cuteness! Here is a lace pattern that I love!  Find It HERE   3 One...

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BFF Link Party – Home Decor Tips

Welcome to our party and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m feeling lucky to be a part of this wonderful community of bloggers and have the opportunity to do what I love every single day. As always thank you all so much for stopping by every week and sharing your fabulous new DIY Projects, recipes, and ideas. I love visiting and sharing with my readers your beautiful work. You guys are amazing!    Last week there was a bunch of beautiful Spring Home Decor Ideas linked up.   Make sure to click HERE to see some of my favorites!    Now, it’s time to share more...

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Home Decor Design Tips

Let’s chat about Home Decor Design Tips and take a look at these beautiful spaces that I’m sharing today.  Our  houses should be more than the walls and roof that we sleep under. Home is the place where we share the most important moments with our family, where we gather with friends and loved ones, where we can truly be ourselves. Great Home Decor Design is not just based on the furniture or accessories we use but in the way we add our personal touch to our own home. Today I want to share with you 10 Home Decor Designer Tips inspired by...

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Awesome Square Cash App

Today I’m sharing with you Square Cash app, one of my favorite new apps.  I casually call this the MUST HAVE MOM APP! As a “mom x 4” I often find myself purchasing group snacks for sport events, dance accessories for my little girl, going in on a gift together for a baby or wedding shower with another friend, or even purchasing movie tickets and dinner for a night out. Do any of these situations sound familiar? I love how with Square Cash app I can transfer or receive money from someone else with the click of a button. This is seriously the easiest way to split...

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Saint Patrick’s Day Recipes

Saint Patrick’s Day Recipes that are easy to make and fun to eat. Recipe ideas that will make your St. Patrick’s Day celebration simply delicious.  I have to admit that St. Patrick’s Day is kind of new to me, however I will adopt any holiday… I love to party! These Saint Patrick’s Day Recipes are going to make easier than ever to eat your greens! Enjoy the feast with me! 1 Green Popcorn & Pretzel Party Mix by The Yummy Life. Yum! 2 Avocado Fries with Cilantro Lemon Dipping Sauce. I am loving the sound of the cilantro lemon sauce. Recipe by Adventures in Cooking...

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Bohemian Wedding Ideas – DIY Boho Chic Wedding

A Bohemian Wedding is like pages from a mythical woodland enchanted book. Boho Chic Weddings have a distinct soft and romantic feel that is earthy and inspired by nature and the beautiful outdoors. These wedding ideas are for sure some of my favorites and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!  THE DRESS The essence of a bohemian wedding dress is based on free and “flowy” fabrics that also make you feel in harmony with yourself and with nature. These romantic dresses are light and very comfortable to wear.  Find this GORGEOUS dress HERE wedding ideas Let’s take...

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25 Breakfast Recipes

25 Delicious Breakfast Recipes that I’m sure you are going to love. These are perfect for the weekend and Holidays or make them when you are in need of a quick meal any day of the week. I am warning you… you are going to want to eat after this post!   One of our favorite things to have is breakfast for dinner. If I tell you the truth I love breakfast recipes more than any other type. They are easy to make, super delicious, and my kids love breakfast as much as I do.  Are you ready to take...

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BFF Link Party – Free Printable

Link Party Time! I’m loving all the colorful and fun projects linked up to our party. I’s finally feeling like Spring and I’m enjoying this weather so much! This next week is Spring Break for us and I can’t believe March is already here… Time is flying!    Thank you all for stopping by every week and sharing your fabulous new DIY Projects, recipes, and ideas. You guys are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for  creating and for sharing your talent with us every week!   This week on the blog I have a new Free Printable HERE Perfect to...

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