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I was sitting in front of my computer last night trying to put together a post about the most popular projects of 2011.

As I was trying to do so I realized that the greatest highlight of these seven months of blogging is YOU,

one and each of my readers and the great friends that I have made along the way.

2011 is a year I will remember forever because this is the year when The 36th AVENUE was born.

I never thought in a million years I would become a Blogger. 

If I tell you the truth I’m not sure I completely understood a year ago what the term Blogger consisted of.


I remember clearly talking with my husband shortly before my birthday and telling him that my 36th year would be the “it”.

I wanted to do something with my life but I didn’t know what…

Have you ever felt like that… like something is missing but you cannot put your finger on it?

Perhaps sensing my determination my sweet love asked me:

What are you going to do?

My answer was:

I am not sure but I know it has a name… The 36th Avenue.

Just a few week later on April 25th 2011 The 36th Avenue was born and this was my first post:

The Teacher’s Appreciation Tote


I was shocked to see the reaction to this project.

I remember my heart almost stopped when Jen from Tatertots and Jello shared it with her reader on her Facebook page.

I gave a shout out on my personal Facebook page since I didn’t even have The 36th Avenue FB Page yet.

I said something like this…

” What the heck?

Me? I am on Tatertots & Jello! “

After I called my husband and I said:

” Babe! You are not going to believe this!

I am on Tatertots and Jello!” 

He answered: What?


I was so excited!

I would have never imagined that months later I was going to be a contributor for the same blog that featured me for the very first time…

I love you Jen!


It was a little bit over a month later on June 6th of 2011 that I almost died when I realized that I had over 100 followers and nearly 150 FB friends!

I promise you I felt such a sense of gratitude for having this small but at the same time BIG community supporting me.

It was at this point that I decided to keep a journal of The 36th Avenue journey!



It was on June 6th also when I posted about my

 Two Little Numbered Benches.



Once again I could not believe your kind comments, your visits and how many wonderful Bloggers were kind enough to feature my work.

This is what happened next..


June 9th 2011


June 12th 2011


June 14th 2011


June 15th 2011 


This was the point when I realized that Blogging was the it for me.

I realized that I love sharing, getting to know incredible women and even showcasing other people’s work.

I remember showing a friend these pictures and she asked me why I didn’t keep the numbers in a spread sheet.

Are you crazy?

Because this is not about the numbers… look at their faces!



I am not going to show you every picture but I am going to share with you some of your comments…

To my first link party just one person linked up.


I was so embarrassed and I promised myself that I would never throw a party again!

And then this sweet comment came… the day before my 36th birthday!


Kelly H. says:

“I wish I had found you sooner!  Don’t give up on the linky…next week I will link too, ok?!”


My Sweet and Dear Kelly Howard,

I hope you see this post today, because you are the reason behind me trying again.

Now we have close to 300 entries a week.

Don’t give up… I love that!

Thank You My Friend!

At times I wonder if I get too personal on my blog,
 if I share too much if I should keep my heart to myself instead of sharing it here and there with you.
Do you wonder at times?
This is a comment I received just a few weeks ago…

“Dear Desiree,

I just stumbled upon your site, while reading Modge Podge ROCKS. I read your cherry tree story. I enjoyed visiting w/you. I too am far away from home. But I don’t have the blessing of talking w/my Mom on the phone. I think that in her passing that I have the right not to communicate w/far away family members. But after reading your story. I now realize the pain I feel inside is that I haven’t kept in touch with my family. So if I may, I would like to send copies of your not a typical Christmas story to my loved ones in a Christmas card. Maybe then it will open a planting of a sorry tree. Have a Merry Christmas.  Kelly”


Kelly, thank you!

This comment made me cry.


So this is what Blogging during 2011 has taught me:

1. I am a Blogger!


2. The Bloggers that I admire the most have taught me by example that no blog is too small

and that everyone should be treated with respect and as an equal.


3. During these 7 months I have learned that I have thousands of friends that I have never met.

Some of them have become so close to me that I feel I have known them forever even though we have never seen each other face to face.


4. I have learned that creating is my hobby but sharing is my passion.


5. Blogging has taught me a bunch of new terms:


link up




Button UP


…and more.


6. I have learned that I love deadlines!



7. But the biggest thing that I have been reminded of and that I have relearned during these seven months is TO DREAM BIG!


That is how many pageviews YOU saw during the month of DECEMBER according to Google Analytics!

Shut The front DOOR!

Now this is not about me… this is about YOU!

So THANK YOU for your support,

your sweet comments, the Christmas Cards, the Christmas Gifts, the emails,

the best wishes, the visits, the encouragement, the giveaways, the features, the shout outs,

the incredible amount of love, kindness and support that YOU have given me.

Therefore I am going to say it again, the top 2011 highlight of The 36th AVENUE is…



During 2012 I will be showcasing your work more often than ever before

{ send me an email if you would like to be an EXTRAORDINARY guest }

and of course I will keep sharing my own little projects every week.


I want to wish you all a Magical New Year’s Eve

and the Best New Year EVER!

Remember… Dream BIG!


New Year’s Eve Kit


Tons of love…



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