For the longest time I have wanted to make a yarn wreath and I finally found the time to make one for my home. One of my favorite home decor ideas are handmade wreaths so I am excited to share with you today my new Spring Wreath Tutorial. You are going to love how easy it is to make!

Super easy and beautiful Spring Wreath and TUTORIAL. #wreath

 The Materials

All I used was a small spool of yarn.

Laced Ribbon.




{ I found all the material at Wal-Mart}

The Tutorial


I secured the yarn to the wreath with a knot and a pin.

After it was in place I rolled the yarn around the wreath and

I rolled… rolled… rolled and rolled.

{Keep the yarn tight and close together. }


After the wreath was covered with yarn I added some flowers made of fabric.

Anyone can make these flowers.

I cut pairs of circles of different sizes. I placed two of them together so the best part of the fabric will show on both sides.

To make the flower fold the circles in half to make a semicircle{ picture 2}.

Then fold it in thirds {picture 3} overlapping the layers {picture 4}.

You are done.


Attach the flowers to the wreath with pins.

 Add as many flowers as you like to achieve the look you love.

I used different patterns of fabric to make it fun.


To finish it I added some burlap leaves, white pins, laced ribbon and the crazy fun white yarn.

Some more ribbon on the top to tie it to my old window and I was done!

I love Spring!

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 Thank you all for visiting with me today!



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