DIY lamp makeover using yarn. This home decor idea is great to turn your old lampshades into new and trendy home decor accents. 
For the last few weeks I’ve been working hard on trying to make our house a home, {we just moved back a month ago} so I am sharing with you one of my projects in this  journey: Mimi’s Lamp Makeover!
Spray Adhesive – Found HERE
Spray Paint – Optional – Found HERE
Yarn – Found HERE
Embellishment strip – Pom Pom Trim – Found HERE
However the lamp shade to me was a bit… boring. You see… this lamps is going to Mimi’s Room. Yes…I have a sweet little girl that loves pink and tutus… and pink… and drama… and pink and cutesy… and PINKLet me just show you who I am talking about…
So something had to be done! I spray painted the lamp shade. I didn’t want to paint it completely, just enough to change the color from a bright pink to a softer tone. You can skip this step if you already like the color of your lamp shade. 
After the paint was dried I started to SPRAY glue the yarn horizontally all around the lamp shade. I sprayed as I went, little by little, section by section.
This step took me somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes. If you see the glue all over the shade DON’T PANIC because by the time you are done it will be all covered.
Cute, huh?
The last step was adding the pom-pom strip. You can find it at any fabric store. I got mine at Wal-Mart with the yarn.
{ I love that the yarn has the three colors}
So, all I did was to spray the glue carefully around the bottom edge of the shade to glue it. 
 When I was done all I have left was sit back and enjoy the view!
So here it is, from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!
{ at least that is what my little Mimi thinks }
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Wishing you a happy day!