White Kitchen Makeover – A little paint and a bunch of love made this old dark kitchen into this bright and white kitchen that we enjoy today. A kitchen makeover can feel overwhelming and expensive but this post will show you the power that a few gallons of paint have.

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

For the longest time I have wanted to paint our kitchen white and it finally happened.

Today I am giving  you my friends a tour of the room where life happens.

Here is our new old kitchen…

It looks different… doesn’t it?

I love how bright it is!

This next picture was taken around 5:30 pm… my favorite new hour of the day!

The sunshine comes right through the window and it makes me  so happy!

My favorite part of the kitchen has to be the white cabinets.

I took this picture even before we were done adding the handles to all of the doors and I could not believe what those bright clean cabinets had done for the kitchen already.

I wanted to keep the space really neutral since I love to decorate for every season and holiday.

Changing accessories will be really easy to do with a neutral background.

Bring on the color!

With Spring here and Summer knocking on the door in just a few months, color was a must.

I love the old country vintage style as much as I love  the modern retro feel so I mixed both.

Yes you can do that! 

I chose red, yellow and green around the kitchen with little accents popping here and there all over the place.

One of my favorites displays of color is the little accent cabinet that sits right on top of our fridge…

You can see the TUTORIAL of it here.

The Vinyl.

Another element found and used around my kitchen was vinyl. I used vinyl and vinyl stencils in four  different projects:

 The number mugs, the salt and pepper shakers, the vinyl chalkboard and the “Menu” Sign on the bridge.

 { You can find some of these items over at my shop}

My favorite of all four vinyl projects has to be the mugs. I love the fact that they are washable… we use them to eat soup all the time.

You can see how to make your own stenciled washable dishes HERE.

The Sweet Little Things!

I always have wanted to have a herb little garden, however, the summers down here are extremely hot and most herbs don’t do well in such weather.

Last week I took my little ones to our beautiful local nursery and I learned that if they are by a window they do really well indoors.

So I made my little garden and let me tell you that mint smells so darn good!

Another sweet little thing was the Washi Tape Window Treatment.

I shared the TUTORIAL just a few days ago.

This was super easy to make and I love how bright the natural light comes through it!

The last sweet little thing I am going to share is the Old Window Kitchen Wire Frame.

What a  simple way to display pictures, notes and… sweet little things.

{ Check out the tutorial here }

The Handyman Work!

A great simple way to bring texture and dimension to your wall is by using beadboard.

We used the beadboard around the island and also as a backsplash.

So clean!

Another “home improvement” project that we did was changing the faucet.

…and what an amazing transformation cleaning the porcelain sink made.

You can see the tutorial of how TO CLEAN YOUR own PORCELAIN SINK here.

Can you believe it?

However, what started the kitchen makeover fever were the counter-tops.

If you have never seen the before pictures I am warning you they were bad!

I can’t thank Giani Granite enough for making such an EXTRAORDINARY product.

I still can’t believe that a “paint” could make such a transformation.

Click here to learn more about their products!

So there you have it… from old to new.

From dark to bright…

I hope you like our kitchen as much as we do!

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