{ Before you start reading you should know that I HATE being late. }

I was so proud of myself this morning!

Feeling GOOD girl!



I had the kids inside of the car by 8:25 and I even had time to shower before that.

WOW! That was a first!

I got to the school by 8:30…

 { school starts at 8:40 }

 …and as my children were getting out of the car and I was screaming my regular “Have a SUPER DAY!” to them

{ expecting my Devin’s regular… “That was weird!” } this thought { thank goodness! } crossed my mind:


” Oh CRAP! 

Anni has her Christmas Play TODAY! “


I had completely forgotten  that she had to be dressed in her Sunday Best

{ even though she had reminded me the night before }

and just like that life went right back to be… life!


Me: Anni! Get back in the car!

Anni: What?!

Me: NOW!

We drove back home and it magically felt like it was Sunday morning before church.


Me: Where is your dress  and tights?

Anni: I don’t know…

Me: Anni how many times do I need to tell you to put your boots back in the shoe basket?

Anni: { Silence}

Me: Oh no… Where is the phone… We ARE going to be LATE!

Anni: We ARE late!


{ At this point I was ready to have a panic attack. Did she say late? I hate being late! }


I am not sure how but we managed to survive another imperfect morning.

On my way back home after dropping her off for the second  time and  wondering HOW in the world I forgot about dressing her properly,

believe it or not this is the image that came into my mind.


{   Thank you Jimmy Jo – our cute little elf – for being there for me.}


Inspired by my “not the mother of the year”  moment and wanting to believe  that I am not the only one that forgets her own birthday, 

I created something for  me and you…


Yes YOU!  

The one looking for the t-shirt that is  inside of the washer with the laundry that you did a few days ago.  

Yep! The same still WET wash load that never made it to the dryer.


For YOU that instead of HO HO HO is saying right now:  

NO… No.. NO!


YOUthat are standing in front of the computer reading this

when you were on your way to get something that you don’t even remember what it is anymore.


 For you that are dreaming of a “silent night” instead of another night interrupted by the cry of your sweet baby,

the barf of your poor sick child,

or the snoring of your loving husband…

that by the way – no matter what he thinks or says – it is NOT the sound of music!


You that wonder at times where the heck did time go?

Why the dishes keep coming?

How in the world I just turned 30, 40, 50, 60 or 110 ?

Why Santa gets all the credit ? I am sure that Mrs Clause does a LOT !

{ You go Mrs. Clause! }


For YOU that call every single one of your children’s names  before you say the right one.

You that forget your own doctor appointments but always carry a band-aid in your purse 😉

You that have not done your hair forever but everyday do your daughters…

I made for you my girlfriend,

you beautiful,



imperfect perfect woman { that happen to love Diet Coke } this….



Who says we don’t like to diet?

So there you have it Sister!

Merry Christmas to us!



Here are Free Tag Printables just in case you want to wish your girlfriends an imprefectly perfect day!

 Just get a Diet Coke… punch a hole in the tag and tie it with a cute ribbon to the bottle, can or straw.


Here are other 8×10 choices!

Feel free to save the image to your computer and print!







 Don’t forget the link party Wednesday at 6:00 pm!

See you then!







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