I love vinyl players and my collection of vinyl records! I really do! When I was 12 I got to spend an entire summer at my sister’s house. It was one of the best summers of my life! During those magical days I learned to love a few things that have stayed with me and have become part of who I am. My love for books, my love for puzzles, and my love for vinyl records come from those unforgettable summer days! 

The Vinyl Record Guide - Great list of vinyl records to start your music library. I'm saving this one for later!

My sister used to listen to music often. All day long the vinyl player would turn and turn playing the music that until this day makes my heart dance. The broken notes, the cracking familiar tunes still make my soul happy! With the hope to pass down to my children the love for vinyl and keep a link to those unforgettable days I bought the vinyl player below last Christmas. There are so many choices out there but this one has worked great for us and it is super easy to use. I also love the clean white design!

You can find this Automatic White Vinyl Player HERE!

When the UPS guy showed up and we opened the box my kids had the same reaction I had so many summers ago… The vinyl player was an instant hit! The entire Christmas season we heard the voices of the one and only Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Brenda Lee, and Mister Michael Bublé reminding us that we were in the middle of the most wonderful time of the year! Now, months after, the vinyl record is still playing music for us every single day. As soon as my teens and my 8 year old come home they want this awesome timeless machine on! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Vinyl LP Records. Some of these are classics, some are more contemporary , some have an indie feel, but for sure all of them are music that was meant to be heard on vinyl!

Here is a great place to start your vinyl collection!

 Born To Die LP – Listen and Find HERE


X by Ed Sheeran – Listen and Find HERE


Ultimate Sinatra – Listen and Find HERE

My 16 year old and I LOVE Frank… His music is timeless and makes us happy!


Come Away With Me – Listen and Find HERE

We love to listen to this record as background music while having dinner with family and friends!

Her voice is AH-mazing!


Adele 25 – Listen and Find HERE

If you think this is a good album just wait to hear it in vinyl… GREATNESS!

The Vinyl Record Guide - Great list of vinyl records to start your music library. I'm saving this one for later!


Ryan Adams 1989 – Listen and Find It HERE

One of my favorites for sure!


My Head Is An Animal by Of Monsters And Men

Listen and Find It HERE

I love the indie style of this record! I can listen to this album ALL DAY LONG! 


Before This World by James Taylor

Folk Country Music at its best!

Listen and Find It HERE


Phil Collins – Face Value

Phil Collins… Enough said!

Listen and Find It HERE


Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling

Listen and Find It HERE


What about you? Do you have a favorite record? 

The Vinyl Record Guide - Great list of vinyl records to start your music library. I'm saving this one for later!


If you do please share… As you can see I like a little bit of everything! 

Make sure to leave me a comment with your favorites so I can check them out! 

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 Remember if you have something that you love share it with me!

I love hearing from you! 


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