One of our favorite things to do as a family is to watch movies together.

It is a simple tradition that we love as we share the couch, eat snacks, and spend time as a family.

Sometimes the biggest challenge is to find a show that is family approved.

A film that is not just entertaining and fun but that the language and message is clean and good for children.

Some of the best Family movies.

Today I am sharing 22 great family movies that we love.

The age of the children will make the choices different for all of us but I hope you can find a few

that perhaps can meet your own family’s needs. These are shared in no particular order… they are all great!

Some of the best Family movies.


Here Comes the Boom

We just watched this movie as a family last week for the very first time.

We loved it and instantly became a family favorite.  It was funny, entertaining and even inspirational.

You’ll love it!



I remember as a kid watching Superman with my brother and being amazed by the power of

the best looking nerd of all time. Over 30 years have passed since those days but there are things that never

get old and this is a movie that your family we’ll enjoy even now.



My kids loved reading this book and we were not disappointed when we watched the movie.

This film is more on the serious side but really good and different.

It teaches that no one is too young or too old to make a difference in someone else’s life.


Bedtime Stories

This is a super fun family comedy.  It’s about a handyman who’s life changes as the bedtime stories that he shares come true.

How cool would that be?


The Guardians of Ga’Hoole

Shut UP!

We loved this movie.

It is the story of a family of owls that get divided by two sons, one choosing the right and the other one choosing evil.

It is intense, fast, and for sure dramatic.


Mrs. Doubtfire

Oh my gosh we love this show so much.

The father of the family after a divorce disguises himself as a female housekeeper

to spend time with his children. This movie is hilarious.


Some of the best Family movies.



Hotel Transylvania

Oh my goodness! LOVE this show!

Normally humans are afraid of monsters but in this movie the monsters are scared of humans.

I think parents and children can relate so much to the characters. Two thumbs up!


The Princess Bride

This has become a classic in many homes. This is one of those movies that more you watch more you love.

It is about true love, friendship, and honor in the most weird way.



Well I know this is a movie from 1995 but I promise you that your kids will love it as much as we did back in the day.

My kids watched it for the first time a couple weeks ago and we had a great time.


The Karate Kid

The new Karate Kid was great but come on… Mister Miyawi is the man.

My kids loved watching the original movie as much as the new one.

Besides it will bring memories back that you can share with them.


Free Willy

Such a sweet story that shows the love of a boy for a killer whale that is to be killed.

His courage and love for the animal inspires him to risk everything to free the whale.


Sister Act

This is the moving but funny changing story of a worldly singer that witnesses a mob crime.

The police hide her as a nun in a traditional convent where she has trouble fitting in

but where her life is touched and where she touches the life of those around her.

 Some of the best Family movies.


Angels in the Outfield

This is one of our favorite all time movies.

When a boy prays for a chance to have a family I don’t think he expected to come

from a baseball field. It is such a sweet story that makes you believe in miracles and leaves you feeling great inside.


Curly Sue

Have you watched this movie?

This is the story of a homeless man and a sweet orphan girl who survived by conning people.

Their lives change when they meet a woman who may need them even more than they need her.

We love this show and we watch it every Christmas for some reason.



Such a fun movie to watch with kids of all ages… even with those that are 103 years old.


Nim’s Island

This movie is adventurous and unique.

It is about a young girl that lives on an isolated island with her scientist father.

Things get scary when her father disappears and she gets help from a writer that

lives far in the city world. My kids watched this movie back to back and one more time the next day.



This is such a beautiful story that proves that never giving up always pays off.

The main song of this movie is gorgeous!



This movie speaks right to the soul and makes you remember the right that every one has to be free.

Some of the best Family movies.


Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

This is the story of Sonora Webster, a teenage runaway during the Depression.

Her determination to never give up brings one of the most inspiring stories that I have ever watched.

To feel, and to believe, is far more powerful than to see.


Remember the Titans

This movie was inspired by the true story of a newly appointed African-American coach

and his high school team. For me this show is more about humanity  than football.

It  is about a town coming together and looking beyond the color of the skin but the value of the heart.


Swiss Family Robinson

Oh my do you remember watching this movie as a child?

It is hard for me to believe that now I am the one watching my children see it as my mama watched me before. So sweet!


The Parent Trap

The cute and fun story of two twin sisters that do the impossible in order to get their parents together again.

So cute!

Of course we could add to this list all of the amazing classic family movies that we all love such as

Home Alone, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, Brave, and many other ones.

I wanted to share with you a few that perhaps don’t come to mind right away.

I hope you enjoy the list and even more I hope that you take a minute

and share with me some of your family favorite movies.

I would love to check them out!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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