Let me start this post with the picture of a receipt…

Now check out the pictures of the purchase.
I have made some good deals during the years but I have to tell you that I have NEVER bought such a beautiful piece of furniture for such an
amazing price before.
 I normally wait until the end of my post to reveal thefinal look of my projects
but today I am way too excited…
 so allow me to show you the  picture of my new “old desk”.

I worked on this desk on and off during the course of three days;
here are some of the things I did and learned in the process…

1.  I Cleaned the desk, I  removed the hardware and filled the holes.
{My baby girl thought that the DryDex was yogurt…you can see the disappointment on her face when I told her
” Mimi, you can’t eat that!”

2. I sanded it:
{Most of the times in order to restore and see true beauty we need to clean up and get rid of some old “unwanted” layers.
If you are wondering
What’s up with the green shoe?
I thought that you may want to see my foot, perhaps you are tired of seeing my hands ;)}

3. I painted the inside of the drawers turquoise:
{ We need to  look deeper to see what is inside!}

4. I took a break!
Anything looks better after Hot Chocolate…

5.  I painted the entire desk white I mean BLACK:
{At times things need to get darker before…}

{…they get lighter and brighter.}
6. I painted the entire desk white:

7. I antiqued the desk:
I used one simple tool to achieve this look:
my good friend the electric sander.
The amount of pressure  determined how deep  into the layers of paint I went.

7. I repainted and reinstalled the hardware.

I loved working on this desk.
 I found myself often thinking about the similarities the desk has with life in general. As I was sanding the edges a small thought crossed my mind and I felt a sense of gratitude for all the “layers” and experiences that I’ve had in my own life. All those layers at the end of the day are
what have made us who we are today…
 Don’t you think?


In the end for me it is as simple as this…
Price and value are NOT the same thing.
Sometimes appearance can blind us and take away from the true worth of things  as a  moment…, people, or of something as simple as an old desk.

The End!
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PS: I am so excited my desk is one of the 10 TOP Projects at the diy CLUB 🙂

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