…First of all I want to thank all of you for the great response to my entry,

specially thanks to Jen from  tatertots & jello   for sharing my totes on her FB Page…

Here is the tutorial of how to paint fabric  using vinyl as a template.


This is what you’ll need to create your own tote:

fabric paint, vinyl template, flat brush, and your tote.


Here we go…



Iron the tote…

{I found mine at WalMart in the craft aisle. They cost me $6 for a package of 3}

If you don’t have a vinyl machine the cost of the vinyl for a 13×13 tote is between $8 and $12

(depending of the design)

Rub the back of your stencil to transfer the entire vinyl to the CLEAR TRANSFER PAPER.
Carefully and slowly peel off the squared paper.
2Place and center your vinyl on the tote as you would do on any other surface.
I use clear transfer paper for my vinyl, that way it is really easy for me to see where I am placing my template.
Remove the transfer paper and take a few seconds to press with your finger along the edges to make sure the paint won’t go under the template.
 I like to place the backing paper of the vinyl inside of the tote just in case any paint leaks through the fabric. When you are ready start tapping the paint. Make sure you tap…tap…tap… up and down, not side to side.



You are almost done!

Now comes the best part… you can wait until the paint dries or if you have no patience {like me} you can go ahead and peel the vinyl off right away… Make sure you don’t let the wet vinyl touch the fabric though.

Tip: Start from the top corner working your way out towards the opposite lower corner…
{Does that make any sense…?}
Another Tip: I like to use a pin to help me pull out the smaller pieces of vinyl from the hard to reach places…
6. You are done!
Do your chicken dance, show your happy moves…
you just made something ordinary look EXTRAordinary… How cool is that!?
 Let it dry!
Make sure you check out the  “Appreciation Teacher’s Gift Totes “.
Have FUN!

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