Hi, my name is Anna, and I blog at My Life and Kids. I’m thrilled to be visiting The 36th Avenue today!


I had three kids in three years and whew has my life changed! Just a few years ago I had a job I loved, a house in the city and a social life. Now I stay home with my three kids, I live in the suburbs, I wear mom jeans, AND I drive a minivan! {And I love it!} In my spare time, I blog about it all at My Life and Kids. Today, I’m going to share one of my favorite holiday projects with you. Button {Up} Snowman


Here’s What You’ll NeedFrame (without glass) Cardboard cut to fit the frame Fabric to use as your background (I used bright blue burlap) Tape to hold your background fabric onto your cardboard Buttons, buttons and more buttons Twigs for the arms White craft paint (optional) Elmer’s Glue

First, I cut my blue burlap to fit my cardboard backing and covered the cardboard – keeping it in place with some duct tape.


Then I cut three circles out of paper to get a general idea for the shape of my snowman.

Then the fun began! I went through my button collection and pulled out the white, clear, green and blue buttons. And I started placing them on top of my paper outlines to get an idea of how many I would need.


Once I had enough buttons, I started at the bottom of the snowman, and slipped the piece of paper out from underneath the buttons. I used Elmer’s glue to glue down every individual button. And I worked my way up to the top of the snowman’s head.



There were still a few holes in it, so I used beads from old necklaces to fill in the blanks.

I decided there was still something missing, so I grabbed some twigs from the yard to make arms. I glued them directly onto the burlap and painted them {very carefully} with white craft paint – to make them pop. Then I fit it into my frame and admired my Button Snowman!


For more fun holiday projects, stop by My Life and Kids or find me on Facebook.

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Thank you so much Anna for visiting with us today!

Happy Monday Everyone!



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