We are giving away a trip to Iceland! So exciting!!! A few weeks ago I visited Iceland as guests of Animal Jam. I have the unique opportunity to see the country through the eyes of this incredible team! With their safe and exciting online game they have created a playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors. My daughter loves it! She gets to create and customize her own animal characters and dens, chat with friends, adopt pets, and team up for adventures! I love how this game feeds children’s curiosity about animals and the natural world around them! 

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As a mom this trip was an eye opening experience for me. We are role models for our children and we can have a huge impact in the way our children look at the world around them. We can inspire them to embrace adventure, to get offline and outdoors, to be passionate about their environment! In short, if our kids see us take on new experiences they will do the same!

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Gauksmyri Horse Farm in North Iceland)

iceland 2

(The glacierIceland)


Our friend from Animal JamVisit Iceland, and WOW Air 

want to give you the opportunity to visit Iceland and the same way I did!

Here is a video of our adventures!

Thank you to How Does She for sharing this awesome video with me!

They are giving away 2 Round Trip Tickets From WOW Air, A Gregory backpack for your adventures, and $2000 from Animal Jam to use towards your accommodations and other travel expenses!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Next week I will come back with an awesome itinerary and beautiful pictures of Iceland and the many animals we saw. We’d love you to join our hashtag. Let us know what you are doing with your kids to inspire adventure and a love of the world around them by adding your photos to the #AdventureStartsWithMe hashtag on Instagram. We’d love to see them!

iceland 1

( Blue LagoonIceland)

Good luck to all!


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