Easy DIY Towel Wrap Tutorial, perfect for those sunny Summer Beach or Pool Days! Make them for the kiddos or yourself in no time! I love this easy sewing step by step tutorial by JoJo and Eloise.

DIY Towel Wrap Tutorial by jojoaneloise.com Pin it NOW and make it later!


 Hello 36th Avenue readers, it’s me Angelina from JoJo and Eloise. I always look forward to this time of the month, because I get to stop in and visit with you! Summer is right around the corner and the heat is on it’s way.I know for some of you in certain parts of the country that may be a little hard to believe,because your still waiting for Spring to arrive.


Wether your in the cooler or warmer climates I want to help you get prepared for those hot Summer Days

that are going to be filled with swimming at the pool, going to the beach

or Hanging out at the Lake with family and friends.



A Kids Beach Towel Wrap is one of the most essential and most used items during Summer Vacation.

And, today I am going to show you how you can make your very own.

For this tutorial I purchased Terry Cloth fabric, from Joann’s. You can also use a basic Bath Towel.

First you are going to measure the desired length of the towel and cutting your fabric on the fold.


Fold your bottom edge over and then over again and sew in place.

For the TOP of your Beach Towel Wrap you are going to make a casing for your elastic to go through.

Do this by folding over the top edge, pin and sew. Leaving the ends open for running your elastic through.


Place a safety pin at the end of your elastic, to help you guide your elastic through the casing. Pull your elastic through until you reach the other opening.

Measure your Waistline or Chest line, then sew your elastic in place on both ends. ( only to hold it place, before you sew the sides of your Beach Towel Wrap, if you are going to Applique on it. If not you can skip this step and sew up the whole side.)


Applique: Draw out your design on a seperate piece of paper and cut it out to use as your pattern piece.


Take your pattern piece and place it on top of the desired piece of fabric.

I used a Coordinating piece of terry cloth.

Pin and Cut out. Then pin it to your Main piece of fabric, in the desired location.


Sew your Applique piece, BEFORE you sew the side seems of your towel.

I used a basic straight stitch, you can use a Zig Zag stitch if desired.

When your applique is Sewn on you can now pin your sides together and sew.


I added some bubble circles using the same technique as my fish.

For some added fun I added a Googlely eye. I attached it with some Fabric Glue and let it dry.


Such a simple way to bring some COOL fun into your summer.

These would make great gifts and would also be cute to wear to all your fun Summer swim parties.

So get creative and have fun making some of your very own Beach Towel Wraps.


the-best-kids-beach-towel   beach-towel-wrap-kids-orange-blue


This wrap is so darn cute!

I love the little fish… simply adorable!

Angelina is an amazing woman. I had the oportunity to meet her during SNAP

and she has such a happy and bright spirit. I feel so honored to have her as part of our team.

I want to invite you to hang out over at her blog Jojo and Eloise and check out some other fun tutorials.

How awesome is this apron here?  

Anthropologie Apron, teal, ruffled, knock off


Also while visiting there take a look of one of my all time favorites

her Handmade Charm Pendants… This would make such a pretty gift!



Also you can find Angelina on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Thank you all so much for visiting with us today!


Angelina and Desiree

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