I am having too much fun working on Mimi’s room.
She is as girly as girls get, and a fairytale would be the perfect background for her…
Above all things she loves ballet so her room has a romantic ballerina feeling and this is what this pillow that I made last night without planning was inspired by….
What if I tell you that I made this pillow in less than 10 minutes for around $5
without sewing one stitch…  Well it is true!
Let me share with you the little tiny tutorial and perhaps the little surprise that I got while making it…
This is all the material I used:
An insert white pillow from Wal-Mart
{ $3.00 – They are by the bedding area }
 2 Yards of Rose Tulle
Some leftover  acrilyc crystals  that I had around the house.
The first thing I did was to iron and cut the tag out of the pillow…
I originally bought this pillow insert to make a pillow case for it….
You would never know!
The second thing I did  was make the bow
I am sure you know how to make one… but for me the secret of a perfect bow is after making the original knot to twist the ends to the opposite corner and then make the loops for the bow…
{ look at the first and second picture}
After the bow was done I trimmed the ends.
At this point I thought I was done…
It looked pretty cute to me.
…but it was not Mimi.
This is where the little acrilyc crystals came into place.
I started to glue them one by one… here and there
and before I knew something happened:
I found myself making a silent wish for Mimi with each crystal that I glued….
…I wish you never get tired of dancing… and there was a crystal.
I wish you never stop dreaming… and there was another crystal.
I wish for you to see…
I wish for you to love…
I wish for you to believe…
and another… and another… and another crystal…
And between wishes… and between dreams…  and between tulle…
and between little tutus dancing in my head…
 I wished that I would never forget
how privileged I am to have her…
Darn Pillow!
I was bawling by the end.
OK! I hope you are tired by now of hearing the “pom-pom” of my heart…
{that is how my Spaniard heart sounds 😉 } 
Happy Day Friends!

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