Today I am going to show you a quick makeover that I gave to two of my Craft Room Walls.

All you need is paint, a stencil brush and  Cutting Edge Stencils to do this project.

I hope you like it as much as I do!

I received one of these fabulous stencils just a few weeks ago and ladies I have gone Polka Dot CRAZY…

The inspiration behind my craft room started with this wall.

{ You can click HERE to see the stencil I used for this DIY Project }


I was amazed of how simple the process was of using the stencil, and how clean each polka dot came out.

It took me just a few hours to finish each wall and this was my very first time ever doing such a large surface.

After I was finished the first things that came into my mind were the 50’s.

I love the retro feeling that the polka dots brought to my wall and to the entire space.


 From there I knew there was no way back… I was going with that style all the way.

So I gave my little dresser some retro love.


Take a closer look…


 I want my little Polka Dot Wall perfect so the Miss Organization asleep until then inside of me, took over…


Would you ever guess that a simple stencil  would push me this far?

Check it OUT!

 So I thought:

If this wall inspired me so much….


…what would happen if I did another one ?


Oh! I wish I could tell you what happened but I’m sorry I am hosting a party here


So I am really excited to share with you the chance to win your own stencil and see the inspiration behind your own wall. Don’t be scared you can do it!

Keep in mind that you can use the stencils for smaller projects as furniture and pillows.

Click here to watch a video with simple instructions of how to use Cutting Edge Stencils. 

That’s it!

 Have fun and enjoy the party!

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