Turn an ordinary entry closet into an extraordinary mini mud-room. I love home decor ideas and making this space was so much fun! Take a look!
DIY Home Project - Transform an ordinary closet into an extraordinary mini mudroom !
Let me show you the before pictures…
This picture has some disturbing images ūüėČ

Here is what happened next:
I cleaned the closet. I¬† didn’t just take the things OUT and put them on top of a table. With the help of my kids {love them} we found a place for everything… At this point I was thinking WHY¬†didn’t I do this before?¬†Look how much better it looks already.
I painted the entire closet whitest white. Nothing like a perfect clean canvas.
My original thought was to stenciled the wall and painted on yellow with navy blue accessories…
So after consulting with the experts { my Facebook readers } I made the stencil and as soon as I started transferring it to the wall I knew this was not it…
I liked it but I didn’t love it!
My kids however had a blast playing with the vinyl…
{Anni was the designer}

So I took it out and I went with my favorite pattern:
 the old classic stripes.
I measure and taped 10″ stripes on the wall.
Then it was time to paint. I used a small foam Dollar $tore disposable roller.
I love them! They come in packages of two. Not bad!
This gray is PERFECTION!
  It is made by Olympic and you can find it at Lowes.
The name of the paint is Quilt { D16-2 }
I like to use semigloss for my walls { I have kids } and Olympic ONE { Pain+PRIMER in ONE}
Next morning the closet was ready to be truly transformed.
Instead of a built-in I was lucky to find an unassembled bench at Target that was just one inch smaller that the closet… Just perfect! So all I had to do was to put it together.
This is how it looked after 25 minutes of work…
I am not a man I read the instructions!
What a difference!
I made a SIMPLIFY vinyl stencil to remind us all to never let the mess come back! You know what to do here…
Apply it, Paint it, Peel it off!
Time to HAVE FUN!
Because the gray was so incredibly clean and perfect I could have accessorized this closet in pretty much any color: yellow, red, turquoise, green…
But I love neutrals, you can check later my Neutralicious Pinterest Board for beautiful spaces decorated in neutral colors. These are the elements I used:
I made these pillows a while ago… and I love them both.
Click HERE for the Flower Pillow TUTORIAL.
As I was working on the closet I thought this could be a cute little reading nook area.
Here¬†my children¬†can put their little shoes… I added their names to the baskets using vinyl.
And these other baskets are perfect for library books and other school materials.



I used the type that you just place over the door.



I was done…
I have to say that we love this small space. It is peaceful and inviting and yes my children LOVE to snuggle in there and read their books….
From Ordinary…
What do you think?
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