Once upon a time there were two cute little benches that I’ve had forever. Here is a picture of how the benches used to look in the beginning
and the steps I took to make them look adorable! 
Te first thing I did was paint the bench white.
Then I antiqued  it using my good friend the sander.
I applied the vinyl stencils that I had previously made in place and I peeled off the transfer paper.
…So here they are my
number 1 and TWO Stencil!
Time to paint! Remember that it is always safer to tap.., tap…, tap  the paint than to brush it side to side.  However because the surface of the bench was smooth and the vinyl stuck to it perfectly this time I used a small disposal roller  {from the dollar store}to take care of business.
…What number are we at?
When the paint was dry I peeled the stencil off. This part always excites me!
 I did it all over again with the second bench.
I stood back and I thought… looking good 😉
 Some more sanding to add more character!
 I think they would look fabulous on pillow cases.

Click here if you want to see how to paint fabric using vinyl stencils.


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