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Food is a HUGE part of my life!

I come from a culture where life happens mostly around a dining table…

One of my favorite dates with my husband before we got married was cooking together and now as a family one of our favorite things to do is prepare a good meal listening to my men Frank Sinatra and Dick Martin while we do so…

There is a magical place between the kitchen and the dining room…

So when Carapelli sent me a bottle of their Extra Virgen Olive Oil to put it to the test I thought bring it on!



I was ready!

So I followed their “Four S’s”



Do you know that by swirling the olive oil in your glass, you release the oil’s esters, which are the molecules that
contain the aroma? I didn’t!

This part was easy to do!

The oil looked pretty and I could smell already the olive sense so familiar to me…





Inhale deeply. The aroma is the key to the fruitiness of the oil.

At this point the soft original smell became intense and it woke up my desire to cook 😉





OK I have to be honest… I was hesitant to do this.

My family was looking at me like I was a crazy monkey…

But I did it!

I thought it would be more sour and oilish but the taste was actually “olivilish” and smooth.





What? Now this was the hardest part…


And guess what?

Once you swallow the oil it leaves your mouth with no aftertaste.


I don’t have a clue… but it goes down smoothly.



So now you know how to choose great olive oil… Swirl, Sniff, Slurp and Swallow.

Now you don’t have to do this.. but you can taste Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil  doing this…



My Tomato Garlic Bread…

picture source


You’ll Need…

FRESH Garlic


Ripe Tomatoes

Provincial Bread

{ French Bread is your second choice }

Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

Peel one garlic clove and smash it on top of a clean wooden board.

Right on there {you don’t want to lose the oil of the garlic } add half a stick of butter. Mix it.

Spread the butter thinly on top of sliced bread.

Put it in the oven and broil it until golden and pretty…

While in the oven cut two tomatoes in half. They need to be juicy and RIPE.

Spread the tomatoes on the bread. Go back and forth as if you were cleaning the bread with it…

garnish the bread with a little bit of Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea salt…

Smell it… Taste it!

Welcome to Deliciousness!


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Buen Apetito My Friends!











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