Sometimes the best things you do don’t look the best in pictures…


Sometimes those things are done when it is dark and the light is not perfect



Sometimes the best crafts you will ever make will never be pinned, or facebooked, or twitted

but hopefully they would be remembered forever by the person that you made them with.




Sometimes those moments happen in a messy house with not a bit of make up…

Sometimes between dinosaurs, glue sticks, markers and construction paper you get to remember that the most beautiful thing that anyone can ever call you is mama.



…Sometimes perfection comes to us in the most intimate simple moments.

I needed to remember that!



Happy Wednesday My Friends!



…Anni and I are visiting today over at Cleverly Inspired.

She is sharing her little Paper Beads with Tracie and her readers…

What a sweet child she is!

I hope you take a minute to stop by and say hi!


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