Just a few more weeks and we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving. This year I am keeping my holiday decor super simple and I have created a quick table escape that anyone can do in a few minutes and on a pretty small budget. Let me show you…

For the center piece I am using a bunch of pumpkins, pinecones and acorns/nuts.


I spray painted the blue pumpkins and I was lucky to find the yellow ones at my local Wal-Mart.

The pinecones came from the backyard and you can find acorns/nuts at any food store.

 For a table runner as you can see I am using a bunch of book pages taped together… Simple and easy.

You can also use book pages to make plate mats.

Click here to see a step by step tutorial of how I made mine last year.

When you are designing any space try to work with things that you already have.

When you are able to think outside of the box you’ll be amazed by how many things you can create.

 For place cards I am actually using little egg holders fill with walnuts…

that way you can have a little snack while waiting for the turkey!

I also cut small pieces of craft papers and I wrote the name of our guest on it

then I used hot glue to stick them to a toothpick… Oh the little details!

 Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and different dishes, as you can see my plates are not part of the same set

but they complement each other and bring character to the table.

And just like that we are ready to have our Thanksgiving dinner…

What do you say?

…I say sometimes less is more!

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Also feel free to print my “Bee” Thankful Printable Set here.

Thank you so much for spending a bit of your day with me!