I want to start Sticker Time today with a free printable that I made a few days ago.


Free 8X10 Love Above All Printable


I ‘ve been thinking about this lately… you know about the things and people I love.

Hmmm… Like my Savior Jesus Christ and faith, my Matt, my little four savages, my sweet good friends,

my Diet Coke, my EXTRAORDINARY readers, my messy home, my healthy body, my hands and the power to use them.

I love my freedom,  my right to laugh, to cry, to scream, to believe, to fly, to walk or to stop.


I am going farther, I even  love that I have the right  to dislike and disagree.

How cool is that?

You see… to love is a wonderful thing.

I believe it is a privilege that too many times we take for granted.

So today the quote of the day is:



Now let me share the love my ladies and give you talented people some STICKERS!

The first sticker of the day is the…

Oh Misty!


Why are you tempting me woman?

I am from Europe girl!

Don’t you know we love bread, garlic and butter?

For goodness sakes this looks GOOD!

Check out the recipe over at Misty’s Mornings.



I am giving the…

…to Strings and Buttons for her party nails!

They almost match my blog and guess what she made the stickers!

So fun!



Here comes more color!

I am giving the…

…to these Mod Podge Wedges by Taryn from Design. Dining+Diapers.


Oh Happy DAY to every woman that loves shoes!

Make sure to check out the TUTORIAL.



Oreo Popsicles?

Get out of here people… I have been trying to lose ten pounds for the last three years!

I know you guys want the recipe so head over to  Little Inspiration

They are ADORABLE!

I am giving Angie the…



Wait… just wait!

Sit down… and dream.


You are looking at perfection by Stay at Home-ista.

What can I say?

This is ridiculously good!

Therefore I am giving this room not just one but TWO stickers.

First the…

And second the…



This dresser by A Girl and a Brush has to be one of the coolest dressers out there.

I love it, I want it, I need it… Did I say I want it?

 Union Jack dresser

I am giving Deny the…




… goes to Small Home Love for linking up this wonderful

Homemade Honey Scented Whipped Body Butter.

She is sharing the recipe and printable that go with it.

What a great gift this would make!

homemade whipped body butter


This Horchow Windowpane Pillow knock off is incredible!

Twigg Studios is sharing the tutorial… Lucky us!

I am giving this pillow the…



A Woman’s Haven created these gorgeous DIY Photo Boards.

I was surprised how easy it was to make them and how great they look.

Perfect to bring personality to a space.

Well done!


I am giving this project the…



What about this DIY Filter Garland by A Handcrafted Home?

Pretty sweet!

I am giving it the…





…goes to Little Corbin Hill because  I love simplicity

and these printables are so darn cute!

fork_utensil_red spoon_utensil_red knife_utensil_red

Visit Little Corbin Hill to download them.

Kristin has them also in gray.


This is it for today but I will be back tomorrow with more!

Can you believe it is Friday?

Let’s have a wonderful weekend my friends!




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