First I want to send a HUGE   thank you to all of you   that have entered
the party… I find myself visiting your blogs during the night
on my own “mama time” and I am SO inspired by your
creativity,  humor,  journalism, and willingness to share.
Now, I have to pick just one blog… and this time around even took me longer than last month.
As a  matter of fact, it was almost 10:00 pm when I made my final decision…
Here it comes!
So Jaime girl, I think YOU CAN BLOG!
…And she does at her fabulous blog
Crafty, Scrappy, Happy
This is why I think her blog ROCKS!
Do you know when you go to a store and you find yourself going  in circles at least three or four times before one of the employees comes towards you and asks the magical question:
Can I help you to find something?
“Yes… -you say- Could you tell me
where is your sign showing where is the toilet paper?”
Well when it comes to blogging no employee is going to show up and ask you how can I help you?
It is up to our readers… my readers, your readers, us readers 
to find the “toilet paper”.
Well it seems to me that Jaime is aware of that…
I adore her little simple “signs”
My favorite…
NO EMPLOYEE or minutes going in circles NEEDED!
L O V E  it!
2. Acknowledgment!
I think buttons are the official “thank you” sign of the blogging world.
Personally it makes me happy to see the buttons of those that have featured me… because a button says a lot.
Actually Jaime if this button could talk
it would say with a James Bond kind of voice
somethings like this to you…
“Hi Jaime…
I am The 36th Avenue “So I think you can BLOG” Official Button.
36th Avenue
My designer, her name is Desiree,
{I don’t think she pays me enough}
…anyways she  thinks you ROCK!
She loves your work that is why she send me to you!
She actually has come over to your blog, visit, comment,
and share with her readers your work…
Do YOU know why?
Because she thinks you are awesome!
She thinks your work is AWESOME!
She believes you are YOU-nique.
I have even heard her say {with her annoying Spaniard accent}  cheese things about you such as…
Ay! Que bonito!
{Sorry back to English}
Oh my gosh how cute is that!
“I l♥ve her!”
She is so talented!
I really believe she likes you a lot…  
…And Jaime, just between you and me thank you for taking me away from her I actually like it better here…
I feel important you know,
hanging out among some other GREAT buttons.
Well after all I think being a button is pretty special.
I just realized that I am more than an image linked to some code…
I am Desiree’s way to say:
for displaying a collection of your buttons!
{I hope this is something I never forget to do.
If I have PLEASE FORGIVE ME, email me  and LET ME KNOW…
If you have featured me I would love to display YOUR buttons!}
 The biggest reason why I chose Jaime’s blog has one word: INSPIRATION.
She can really create amazing things and I love visiting  Crafty Scrappy Happy time after time because of it. I am always excited to see her next project.
So please let me share with you
some of my favorite ones!
You know I love shoes…
So I had to share this shoelicious tutorial of
Check OUT Jamie’s ADORABLE
Check OUT this
and what about her
Say it with me…
So, I said it once
and I will say it again and again and again…

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