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A big portion of our day yesterday was cleaning my Craft Room.

I say we because my sweet kids worked hard helping me to organize the HUGE mess.  

{ It was BAD! } 

When we were almost done my Anni mentioned how cool would it be if that room was their bedroom.

Before I knew it they were designing the entire space in their minds.

So cute… to hear them saying where would they put their beds, their books and their precious possessions.

Then our little guy Devin decided that he would love to move in as well.

Next thing was the question…

“Mamá… can we have this room?”

A few years ago I would have said no.

But thankfully I am not where I was a few years ago and seeing the near feature in my mind I said :

” Hmmm… OK!

The only condition is that you three help me move everything.”

Oh dear! Full of enthusiasm they agreed.


I know this will be a temporary move.

Trust me… I give it about a week.

I am a mama… I know my little ones… I know their personalities… and I know it is a matter of time before they wake up one morning saying “we want to go back to our own rooms”.

But in the mean time I thought it would be fun to give them a chance to build a memory and their own little kingdom.

Why not?


In our task of “building” their dream bedroom we found a bunch of SUPER cute ideas for bedrooms.

Here is the perfect combination according to them…


They love these signs…

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 picture source


These bunk-beds…

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picture source


The tent would be great…

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…and the market place is a must but the fruits and veggies would be made of candy!

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Last thing… the wall.

After all what is a kingdom with out the walls ?

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Oh! They were so excited…

 It is amazing to see the power behind the dreams of a child.

I remember that same excitement when my mama told me I had permission to paint my bedroom walls any color I wanted.

 My choice back then was permanent marker

You heard me right… Every single person that visited my home got to sing my wall.

I had signatures from people from all around the world since missionaries from many different countries and cities visited my home often.

I believe much of my creativity and freedom to express myself come from that wall.

However the most precious thing my mom gave me was not the power to choose a color but the memory of those moments,

the words written on that wall, the feeling of having a small kingdom of my own.

{ NOTE: My mama is the woman with a perfect house. I wonder how close she was to a heart attack when she agreed. }


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I know I’ll be posting about my craft room soon.

Just give me a few weeks until Devin’s socks make Saydi crazy…

and Saydi’s early morning alarm clock  for school makes Devin crazy…

 and Saydi’s and Devin’s arguments over a sock and the alarm clock make Anni crazy…

 Next thing I will hear will be the question…

“Mamá… can we have our rooms back?”

Then I will say… ” Hmmm… OK !

The only condition is that you three help me move everything back 😉

{ Smiling }


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I’ll see you at 6:00 pm during Share Your Awesomeness Link Party!

Have a GREAT Wednesday! 

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