It is pretty amazing to me what a little bit of paint,
creativity and thinking outside of the box can do for you…

I had in my office {the make it happen room}
this small little wall right on the corner, where my Mimi loved to use her crayons…
{no fun… you can see some green prints on the wall}
Well… before I moved this corner was not empty anymore.
Everything started with a  bunch of small wine boxes that I found at the Thrift Store. Total price for all three $2.75…
{I love that two of them came with their lids}

The first thing I did was paint them in a butter cream color {yummy}
and sanded to let the wood come through the paint.
Looking better already…

I want my project to have a touch of “whimsical-vintagesh” feeling
so I designed and made some vinyl stencils to accomplish that.
I applied them, painted the images in red and peeled it off….

One of the things that I love about using vinyl as a stencil instead of regular vinyl
 is that you can antique whatever you do with it. So my next step was to sand the button and scissor.

You have to wait to see how the boxes look
but in the mean time you can take a look of what I did with the larger lid.
Here is a mini tutorial:
sanded, refinished it, stenciled it and painted, added some cork board, and a little hanger in the back…

At this point I was ready to put it all together
So are you ready to see my little corner now
all dressed up and accessorized?
Here it is…
{…if you are wondering about the redlicious desk and the chair… well let’s say those two have an EXTRAORDINARY moment  of their own. ;)}

Take a closer look…

Box One , I mean Shelf ONE: The thread holder…

The lid of this box became the bobbins holder…
 BOX number two is the new adorable shelf that holds my pencils and scissors.

And its lid is my new little pin board…
Box number three has no lid but she is as cute as a button.. 😉
All together…

made my new sewing corner…

…from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

So next time you go to the Thrift Store think outside of the box…
and you’ll see what amazing things you come up with.



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