This post brought to you by FrogTape brand painter’s tape. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh my! I have reviewed, tried, and worked with many products over the years but here and there you come across something genius, brilliant, clever, and easy, that makes you say “Shut Up, this is awesome!” Well, that moment came to me while working on Mimi’s closet using Frog Tape®  Shape Tape and making her Pink and White  Scallop Wall.

30 minutes DIY Scallop Wall... Tutorial #Frogtape #shapetape

 Everything started with a roll of an extraordinary tape!

Do you see this fabulous and adorable Shape Tape? The Scallop Pattern is so darn cute!

30 minutes DIY Scallop Wall... Tutorial at

The size of the Shape Tape was perfect, so instead of using it as a regular painters tape I decided to actually spray paint the tape to create my Scallop Wall. Now, you can guarantee that a tape keeps paint out and lines sharp when spray paint doesn’t wrinkle the tape or go through it.

To create your Scallop Wall all you need to do is measure how wide the area you are going to work on. To create the pattern you need to cut two sets of Shape Tape. In the pictures I’m showing the sets in pink and yellow so it makes more sense. Measure the area you are going to work on and cut the tape. Cut as many { pink-set one } identical pieces as you’ll need for the wall. The second set {yellow} needs to fit the first set, put them together and then cut to match the length. Spray paint both sets.

30 minutes DIY Scallop Wall... Tutorial at

You are going to stick them on the wall using a piece of set one and then a piece of set two. 

30 minutes DIY Scallop Wall... Tutorial at

Repeat and repeat again to create the perfect Scallop Pattern until you finish the wall.

30 minutes DIY Scallop Wall... Tutorial at

I can’t show you the entire closet yet because I want to surprise you with the big reveal,

but for now let me tell you that this little awesome Shape Tape has made all the difference!

Two thumbs up from me to Frog Tape® !

You have to watch these adorable ideas on this 30 second video…

…I have to admit the music is pretty awesome too!

Now I need to go and finish that closet!

See you later.



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