I want to share with you today a quick Christmas Treat. You can make this Christmas Snack in just five minutes and it is an adorable way to surprise the kiddos for breakfast or as a quick and easy after school snack. You have to see how their faces light up when they get to eat Rudolph’s Cookies and Milk!


 Isn’t it cute? If you are tired Christmas morning this is also the perfect breakfast solution.

Get the cookies ready the day before, pour some milk in cute little bottles and you got a mess free,

easy, and delicious Christmas breakfast.

Come on! We all know how yummy Oreos and milk are!

  To make these Rudolph Cookies you are going to need double stuffed Oreos.

Break pretzels in half to make the antlers and then press them right into the Oreo.

 For the nose I used red Sixlets… They are the perfect size and so cute!

Add a little frosting to the Oreo and then stick the Sixlets right in place.

You can use chocolate frosting to make it less noticeable.

 I like to serve some of the cookies on a popsicle stick.

This way you can slide them right inside of the straw for presentation…

The rest of the cookies go right on a plate!

 For the mini DIY Bottle Tutorials click here.

I dip the top of the bottles lightly in frosting to help the sprinkles stick.

We love how festive they look!

 And just like that you are ready to go… Your kiddos are going to love you!

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 Happy day my friends and Merry Christmas!