I am not sure how many of you have read today my Blogger to WordPress post but let me share with you one of the comments I received…

” I see a lot of comments from people who have their own blogs, but I’m curious what the thoughts is for just the readers. Many of my favorite blogs have switched, too, and I hate to say it, but it’s not as “reader friendly” as the old formats and it makes me a bit sad. I liked being able to click once to my favorite blogs and scrolling. Now You have to keep clicking back and forth and for someone like me who doesn’t have the extremely fast internet, it’s not as instant as I would like because it has more to load. Not that you’re losing a reader, I still check in, just not as often and if the photo and caption doesn’t “get” me I don’t bother to stay (Not meaning you have an issue with yours, just for those thinking to switch to think about). So when the switch to this is made, someone really needs to make sure they are focusing on those parts. Kind of like a magazine, I don’t bother to pick it up and look through it unless it has some great “catcher” pieces on the front and really I could be missing some good stuff. Just thought I’d weigh in as a reader only! Please don’t take this personally, cuz I think you’re great, just constructive thoughts from the other side! Good luck!”


 I love your comments and I learn from them and I have to admit this one got me thinking…

So what do you like better the magazine layout… {where you just see just the thumbnails of each post as the home page is now}

or the classic blog layout { where you see the entire post at once and you get to scroll down to the next one }?

Let me know!

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