I just want to talk today with all of my girlfriends out there…
I don’t have anything important or exciting  to say really… The thing is that as I was visiting your blogs and admiring the projects that were linked this week to the party,  I was amazed by the fact that you come here every week and leave your comments, share your talents and even take the time to see the little things that this crazy Spaniard comes up with.
And all of a sudden I stopped and decided to tell you a little more about me

{little Desiree}
 …and where my inspiration comes from.
Perhaps a few of you know that I was born in a small island in the Atlantic Ocean named Lanzarote, right by the North West Coast of Africa.
 I was born in a really different world you know, surrounded by simplicity I learned from a young age to appreciate the small things in life… such as the beauty of the ocean, the kind wisdom of loving grandparents, the power behind family, and the true meaning of friendship.
 {me and my mom playing on the beach}
…As a child  I didn’t play in a park but in the sand, I didn’t pick flowers  but crab and “cabosos” {small fish} from the charcos {small pools of ocean waters}, I didn’t throw a ball but instead I threw rocks in the sea, I never had to travel for more than 10 minutes to see the magestic shores of the Atlantic.
{ Papagayo: the place where I spent every summer of my childhood and youth. Keep in mind that the houses on the top belong to my family… no kidding when I refer to this beach as my front yard… There is enough inpiration just right here ;)}
Do you know that I never saw a house that wasn’t white
until I left my island? How cool is that!

{La Villa de Teguise, Lanzarote. I love this town}
I guess as I grew up these little things started to sink into my heart… loving and treasuring one and each of them: the cobble stone skinny streets, the typical colorful canary island customs
{my great grandmother and my grandmother wore them on a daily bases during  their life time}
{my Saydi dressed in a typical “campesina” outfit in the patio of our beach house in beautiful Papagayo}
…The amazing contrast between the black volcanic rock, the blue skies, the green doors and those gigantic outdoor patios where life is celebrated, inspired me even before I knew it had.
Cesar Manrique's Monumento al Campesino
Now the I am all grow up {or at least pretending to be} I realized that I am a miniature figure of my roots…
I find inspiration in simplicity…
{La Villa, Lanzarote}
…in the people around me.
{crazy me celebrating life during the Romeria among hundreds of people that I had never seen before but that I will never forget… That was a magical night}
I am inspired by old things that never gets old…
{Playa Quemada, Lanzarote}
By the so chic looks of yesterday….
{my Mom and Dad are so cute… the two on the right end side}
You put it all together and there is where some of my inspiration comes from…: white houses with old painted doors, colorful customs, crazy people, awesome early 60’s fashion, little old towns, ocean fronts, a bunch of old things and a little bit of this…
Yep! That sounds like me.

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