OK, I can’t even tell you how excited I am to share with you Project Life, designed by Becky Higgins,

and show you what I did with this amazing and revolutionary product.

Project Life truly  is memory-keeping made simple.


I used to scrapbook and journal all the time but years ago I stopped.

I look back and I see that the reason is that it was too time consuming,

too much of a mess, money, and a lack of space to store all of my supplies.

So I was ready to put Projects Life to the test and see if it really was as easy as everyone told me.

Holy cow!

Forget all of the stress, all of the cost, and all of the pressure of traditional scrapbooking.

Trust me you need to give it a try and use this super-simple, solutions-based system.

All I can say is Becky Higgins is genius.

Let me show you how brilliant, quick, and fun Project Life is.


This is how it works…

Choose your photos and the premade cards from your Project Life Cord Kit.

Use the cards to journal and put them with your pictures inside of the Photo Pocket Pages.

Seriously, it will take you like 10 minutes to do a full page.


Have fun with it.

Get creative, use ink, embellishments, and fun photos to make each page your own.


Here is an idea!

I made a little Memory book for my girl’s page using a bunch of the larger cards.


I folded them in half, stapled them in the middle, and I glued a folded card in the back to slice it inside of the pocket.

It is like a little memory book inside of her page… so fun!

I can’t wait to see what she writes in it.


Ok, I am done with the talking… are you ready to see both pages?

Why am I so excited?

Here they are…


So cool! Isn’t it?

Wait one more thing this is how much space it will take for you to store everything you’ll need.

Shut up! Right?


I give Project Life two thumbs up.

Now, listen to this…

Project Life will make its television debut on HSN March 25.

HSN will be selling two full Project Life kits that include an album, page protectors and either a Blush or Jade edition core kit.

You should know that this sale is value-priced.

You will not be able to purchase Project Life for this price anywhere else.

Remember, put it on your calendars,

Project Life… HSN March 25.


I would love to hang out with you all day but  if you excuse me I have to go and finish two more pages.


Have a wonderful day my friends!



This is a sponsor post. All opinions are 100% mine.