Hi Friends!
Can you believe it?
Few more weeks and Thanksgiving is here!
Show me the bird!
 I wanted our Thanksgiving table this year to have a warm feeling a quiet beauty…
Let me show you the picture before I give you a quick tour and a few TUTORIALS.
First I am going to share with you how to make table mats with the pages of a book and Guest Name Tags with paper doilies and some more pages…
I love all books… This may sound crazy but I love the smell too.
The Table Mats
To make them all you need is some painter’s tape and an old book.
1. Rip some pages from the book.
2. Spread the tape on a table with the sticky part facing you and start placing the pages on top of the tape as shown in picture number two.
3. Cut the excess tape from the edges.
4. Decorate the ends with a punch holder… and you are done my love.
The Guest Name Tags
This was ridiculously EASY to make…
Type the names. Print them on the page of a book. Cut them or use a punch holder to make them into a circle and glue them to the center of a paper doily.
For the adults I made the names bigger and glued them on a larger doily.
For the children I made them smaller and therefore I glued the names to a smaller doily…
I placed them right inside of the bowl…
 So sweet!
To hold the silver ware I just folded a small doily in half and with a glue dot I held the ends together…
Some pinecones, fabric pumpkins, old candles and a bunch of nuts completed the look…
So here it is The Campbell’s Thanksgiving Table
From the top…
 Final look 😉
…As fun as Holidays are if we don’t focus on what the real meaning is they can become a bit stressful and  EXPENSIVE.
I hope this post inspires you to look around your house and make your Thanksgiving meaningful, warm, cozy and full of memories.
Just to let you know the Burlap Pumpkins, Guest Name Tags, Table Mats and Silver Ware Holders were done under $10.00.
{ The plates came from the Dollar STORE… CRAZY CUTE }
Make it special… make it you… make it yours…
The inspiration behind the table.
As many of you know but as many of you don’t know I was born in a small island.
Every summer of my childhood and youth it was spent in a beach house that my great grandparents built forever ago.
This house holds the most magical moments of the first 20 years of my life.
Much of who I am comes from the warmth of the friendships and family gatherings that we had there.
Something I remember clearly from those summers is the smell of burning candles placed inside of  bottles just like these two…
Because the remote location of the house we didn’t have electricity so every game of dominos, every dinner, every conversation, every song sang by the sound of my abuelo’s timple  { Timple: a musical instrument similar to a tinny guitar well known in the Canary Islands} was witnessed by candle light…
I treasure those moments and my heart is truly full with gratitude for the blessing of knowing a world where family  and friendship was the greatest gift and posession anyone could have.
For this and for more I am thankful…
Oh my gosh! I think that is mascara on top of my keyboard…

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