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Just a few weeks ago my children and I visited the nursery and got a bunch of beautiful flowers and bugs!

Why not?


…We had a blast planting the flowers and giving them the special treatment with Whitney Farms® organic plant food.



Since then the kids have been asking me to plant a garden so Mimi and I went back to the nursery a couple of days ago and  got some tomatoes and bell pepper plants.




As soon as we got home we planted our little garden… wait, our little ORGANIC garden since again we used  Whitney Farms® Tomato and Vegetable Food.

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I always wanted to buy organic veggies but they are pricey. Well here was the perfect option for  us. Whitney Farms® organic plant food is 100% natural with no additives, nothing artificial, just ingredients from the Earth, designed to give us big, beautiful flowers and veggies.

I noticed right away that their products have low to no dust. It had no manure odor { thank goodness} and it was easy to apply. In just minutes we had perfect organic soil for our vegetables, flowers and plants to grow…  Two thumbs up to Whitney Farms® for that!

One of my worries when I deal with food for plants is that I never know how much is too much. The directions were easy to follow and it was good to know that our veggies are going to have what  they need to grow and thrive without a bunch of chemicals.

So here it is… my children’s humble garden!



We are super excited to see our little garden grow as healthy and beautiful as our flowers, with the peace of mind that we are growing  the best for our  family. Thank you  Whitney Farms for helping us do this!

Organic Plant Food

I hope you take the time to grow your own little gardens. Whitney Farms® is giving all of you a $3 coupon! Take advantage of it and see for yourselves the results!

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Plant a garden… make a memory!




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