A few weeks ago I got a request from one of my readers.
I wish I could answer to all of them but this one I knew
I wanted to work on since it involves a 6 year old little lady that loves pink.
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Here is the request:
” Ok, I don’t want to take much of your time…my girl will be 6 and like I said I want to do something with her room that has been the same since she was a baby. I know I want to paint her walls pink because that’s her color ..and last week it came to me that I wanted to do it ombre style with about 3 shades of pink..first, what do you think?
…If I do the ombre style, do you think the lighter color should go on top or bottom and is 3 shades ok or more?
Lastly, I was looking at paint chips so is choosing the 3 (or more) colors from the same chip is the way to make sure they blend nicely or picking the darker shade and lighten it up with white better? “
This is what I think…
Ombré is HOT right now!
There is something about the classic stripes taking a modern look as the color changes from lighter to darker
that is making people go bananas!
…If you are one of those people this post is for you!
The Walls
The first thing anyone should keep in mind when painting walls is lighting.
The lighting of a room will change dramatically the look of your paint.
If any of you is thinking about painting the walls start with the lighter shade of color on top.
I love the three top shades of pink that Rachel from Lines Across used on this nursery.
I would stick with no more than 4 to 5 shades of the same color on just one accent wall.
The entire room may be overwhelming.
Do not try to add white to a darker paint instead use the same chip or different ones that blend well together.
Then I would pick the lighter tone of pink for the rest of the room.
Before you paint…
Keep in mind that children grow rapidly and trends come and go.
You can achive the same ombre effect with keeping the color of your walls neutral
and introduce the different shades of pink with furniture and accesories.
This way you can easily change the look of a room as their taste and age changes.
Any piece of furniture with drawers is perfect to work with.
The drawers can be painted in different shades of the color you choose
without the need of measuring or trying to make perfect stripes.
Here we can see the ombre finish on a dresser…
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Image via decoist.com
Check out how cute this Ombre Desk is… even the chair has the ombre look.
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Bedding is another way to integrate the ombre look while making a statement in a room.
Even though the walls and the bed have a neutral color, the comforter brings so much drama into the space.
I love the added texture that the ruffles give to the bedding.
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Image via landofnod.com
Great design is all about color, lighting, texture and balance.
If I was designing this room I would advise to stay away from using the trend in every corner.
If you do the walls use different patterns and textures to break the trend away.
Pillows are a great way to do this…
Don’t be afraid to mix and match as long as the patterns don’t fight each other.
REMEMBER accesories don’t have to match they just need to complement each other.
Pillows HERE
Another way to introduce interest and texture is through
lamps, frames, rugs and toys. This is also a perfect way to bring some more color.
Accessories HERE
To finish I put together some additional colors that would work as accents for a pink room.
Pink and aqua… Pink and yellow… Pink and green…
So many cute choices!
I know red is not a neutral but to me it is since it goes with everything!
I really hope this helps somehow.
Remember… color, texture, balance and lighting that is the key to
the cutest room EVER!
Happy Monday!

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