Ombre, anyone?
Have you created any Ombre projects yet?
Just type in the word “ombre” into Pinterest and you’ll see pages of ideas.
Ombre Mini Wreath 

1. Crinkle coffee filters into blooms and hot glue to a foam wreath base.

Use a popsicle stick to press each bloom into the wreath for 10 seconds to bond the glue

 2. Fill a an ink spritzer with water and three drops of stamping ink. Shake to mix. 
Ombre Coloring

1.Spray the entire wreath with large, quickly moving the wreath in a circle to cover all areas. 

2.Spritz the tops of each bloom for more color concentration on the the edges

3.Let dry and repeat step 2 until you are happy with the saturation of color.

 Check more coffee filter projects at Life-n-Reflection!
I love learning new things!
Thank you Kristy for such an adorable tutorial.
Here are a few more projects from Kristy that I love…

How cute is this gift idea? Perfect for Mother’s Day.

lifenreflection_just baked gift_3


And here is another perfect idea for Mother’s Day… I love this DIY Heart Card and Garland.

Check out the tutorial here.

lifereflection_heart garland and card_1

lifereflection_heart garland and card_2


And make sure to stop by Life-n-Reflection Boutique.

There are so many cute things there!

Have a sweet day everyone!


Kristy and Desirée

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