So you know how a few days ago I told you that I was working on a HUGE subway sign. Well, here it is, THE MOTHER of all SUBWAY signs!
{ It is almost 5 feet tall… I know that because I am 5′ tall and this is one of the few things that I can look eye to eye}
 Now you may wonder WHAT is UP with all the places.
For your info we have moved 13 times in 13 years of  happy marriage. Our journey began in the heart of my beautiful Madrid, Spain.
{If you could hear me speak, you would hear my Spaniard Accent}
We say in Spain that from Madrid to Heaven… Well, I think I was born and raised in the closest place to heaven. My forever treasured Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
And talking about heaven reminds me of  the “heavenly burgers and fry sauce” at Burger Supreme inPROVO.
We ♥ you UTAH!
{Provo is where the love of my life is from too. HECK yeah, I married a MORMON BOY from Provo, UT  and yes he wears shorts in the middle of the Winter.
California… where are you?
I have missed your SUNSHINE a LOT during this last year. By the way there is this restaurant in Palmdale called El Torito…
Holly “Mole” Guacamole… have you ever been there?
Santa Cocina! I love to eat! 
And the 97089 postal code is where we are know… Do you know where that is?
This sign will be displayed in the entrance of my home. I will show you sometime later the makeover.
If yo want to see a mini tutorial of how I made the sign click here.

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