Hello friends! Good to see you here. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Number Free Fonts. I love Free Fonts and these are fabulous! I use them all the time to make cards, crafts and Free Printables. Are you ready to see them? Here they are, take a look!

Awesome Number Free Fonts @the36thavenue Enjoy! #fonts #numbers


 Number Free Fonts

To download click on the links below. 

1. EcuyerDAX

2. American Typewriter

{ already installed in Mac and Microsoft} 

3.  StripesCaps

4. Backspacer Tribute To Pearl Jam

5. Salamandre

6. ExtraOrnamentalNo2

7. Alexandre

8. Bodoni Black

9. Debonair Inline NF

10. Europe Underground

11. Didot


Do you need help?

If you have never downloaded fonts here are a few steps that may help you!

 1. Click on the name on the font you would like to download. 

2. The first step will take you to a page like this. Click on download.

{ This step will download the font to your computer as a zip file }

Download Step 1

 3. The next thing you need to do is open the file and install the font.

Click HERE for step by step directions of how to install fonts on Mac and Windows.

4. After the font is installed you are ready to use them as you would do with any other font that came with your computer.


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 Thank you friends for visiting with me today!
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