It is time to party my friends and link up your projects!

Talking about party… let me show you something!

For me New Years is about sparkle, glitter, and fun.

I made to decorate our New Years Party this festive Tinsel New Years Wreath.


I had so much fun making this wreath.

It will take you about 5 minutes to make.

I love easy, affordable, and quick projects!




You are going to need a wreath.

{ I love to use the foam type since you can pin it time after time and use it and reuse it.}

2 to 3 Tinsel Garlands

{ They are on sale now everywhere. I got mine for 50 cents each!}


{ GO crazy here. You can use ornaments, ribbons, anything you want}

Wire Cutter and  Pins.



The first thing you are going to do is wrap the wreath with the tinsel garland.

Pin the beginning of the garland to the wreath and simply wrap it around.

Pin the end of it and then start again with a new tinsel garland.



Then it is time to get the embellishments.

I found all of mine at Wal-Mart but you can even use things that you have around.


I used a wire cutter to trim the end of these glitter branches.

Some of them I even pulled apart into smaller pieces.


Start poking them into the wreath.

Start with the biggest pieces and build your way out with the smaller ones.

My wreath was inspired by firecrackers so I wanted it to come out a lot and have a 3D style.

Before I knew, it looked just right to me!


 I added two layers of ribbon…

Black ribbon and this awesome metallic silver ribbon I found also at Wal-Mart.

I added a small bow to the top to finish it off.

I was done!

 DIY Tinsel New Years Wreath by Affordable, quick, and easy to make!


So there you have it… We are getting ready to party!

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Now it is your turn to show me what you’ve been up to.

It is time to party!

EVERYONE IS WELCOME as long as you

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Have fun!



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