So yesterday I shared with you the theme of our New Year’s Kit.
Today I am sharing the FUN of it!
My family back in the Canary Islands gets to celebrate December 31st in the garage.
Seriously it is CRAZY!
 Since the garage is all empty we get to put one super long table packed with food and goodies and a huge stereo system…
Yep, we dance until we drop!
The reason why we do it in the garage is because everyone is invited…
before you know it the neighbors start showing up, friends, family members and we talk, dance, laugh and eat.
It is a HUGE birthday party where everyone is welcome!
So it makes sense that when I think about New Years I think about lights, music, noise, PARTY!
Therefore the second part of our kit has the party favors!
The Hats!
If you visit our house in New Years Eve you’ll find  us wearing our hats!
There is a sense of happiness that comes with a birthday hat…
Words such as “hurray”,  “yeah”, “yee haw” come naturally when you are wearing a hat.
…I had to make them!
Don’t go shopping for this.
I used a bunch of mixed match hats that I had from previous birthday parties.
I opened them and I traced on a piece of craft paper the shape of the hat.
Then I glued the paper to the hat..


All I had left was to reclose it… EASY!


The Noise Makers!
I love these things! I wish they made one the size of a trumpet!
I am the one that wakes up my kids Christmas Morning and I am the one that keeps everyone awake until late hours of the morning on New Years.
How do I do that?
It is called noise makers… These are the coolest thing ever invented.
For ours I removed the original peace sign decoration and I added a little piece of craft paper to coordinate it with the rest of the kit.



The Confetti!
Yes! I am a confetti believer… the more the better!
It is messy… it is FUN… It is colorful… It is AWESOME!
If you ever have a bad day just throw a bunch of confetti in the air and you won’t be able to have a bad day any longer…
It is pure magic!
You have to have the confetti!
As with the noise makers all I did was cover the label with some craft paper.
Staple here… staple there… YOU ARE DONE!


The Party Poppers!
This is flying confetti… Do I have to say anymore?
Aaaaaah! The excitement starts building up!
Cut a strip of paper and tape it together.
Here you have the before and after { or the after and before }


Now behold the best of all party favors: The  Whoopie Cushions!
We laugh so hard with these things… SO FUNNY!
So here you have it our Party Kit!
There is another element of our New Year’s Kit that I love.
Actually it is my favorite part but you have to wait until Friday for that one 😉
Stay tuned for Part 3!
 Click HERE to see the the full New Year’s Kit!



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