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I am doing this post for a reason.

I know we are in the beginning of the Summer but before we know the Fall will be here.

All of the outfits you are going to see are Summer inspired,

however they were put together keeping in mind the next season.

These are clothing articles you can use now and reuse later.

That is what I call smart shopping!



I love dresses.

They are feminine, fun and perfect for any occasion.

Here are three looks for you…


Going to WORK!

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This is the perfect dress to wear to the office and later for a date.

The accessories will change the look from day to night in a heart beat.

Trust me this look is going to work!


The Commitment Dress

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This is the not too much but not too little look.

This is a perfect outfit when you need to look put together but not over the top.

I chose the coral accesories to show you that colors don’t have to match,

they just need to go together.

There is no coral in the dress but it looks perfect with the entire outfit.



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From all three this is my favorite look.

You can easily dress this outfit up or down.

You can wear it to work, on a date, running errands, shopping, luch…

Love it!


Wearing the Pants!



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Stripes are in!

Make the classic look more modern adding color jeans and coral and aqua accents.

Yellow, green and red color jeans would also look great with this top.




So Chic!


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This is a look I personally wear a lot.

I believe everyone should own a tailor jacket.

If you are afraid of color { I am not } purchase a neutral.

Navy, brown, gray are great choices.

Please, I beg you to stay away from black.




 items source HERE.


I love this style also!

It is fun, casual, and full of texture and movement.

I chose to end this Fashion Post with it for a reason.

In the beginning I mentioned to focus on color you can use now and later during early fall.

Take a look at this…


 items source HERE.


Same exact outfit!

Can you believe it?

Perfect for Summer and after changing the necklace for a scarf, and adding a jacket, it is perfect for Fall.

 So there you have it!

Coral, navy and teal… three colors for more than one season!

 items source HERE.


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Happy Monday my Friends!



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