I LOVE it! This was so EASY to do and it took me around 1 hour from beginning to end and a little bit over $10.00. I have always had my iron board inside of my closet and I hated it because it has taken during all this years space that I needed for things like fabulous shoes   hello! So I decided to make a cover and have the Miss Iron Board hang in my Laundry Room where she belongs. The fabric I  have chosen  is the inspiration for the rest of the space… I will post more pictures as I go along with the project. I am not sure however that this will inspire me to iron more often than before {I hate ironing…} but hopefully this inspires me to fill my closet with… I don’t know some few new pairs of shoes 😉 
Anyways, If you feel like making your own cover click here , this is a cool site where you can find instructions. If you would like to change your cover and  don’t feel like doing anything click here and you can see a bunch of really cute covers at Etsy. Well… I better go now I need to do some laundry {OK, that was cheesy!}

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